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Run Time: 9:01
Presented by: HeyDay Union
A Film By: Brenna Eckerson & Kyle Pahlow
Producer & Direcor:  Brenna Eckerson
Director Of Photography: Kyle Pahlow
Editor: Bryan Roberts
Key Cast: Ed Fisher


Brenna Eckerson: A director/producer whose double helix consists of production experience and development know-how. With a foundation in nonfiction television, she’s developed IP for brands, agencies and emerging digital networks and taken them to market. Brenna hails from North Carolina, is a lover of Dubble Bubble gum, American made denim, her dog (@cinnamonontheside) and the work of Brene Brown. She currently calls California home.

Kyle Pahlow: Life is about embracing constant change and striving to never stop growing. As it applies to my work, it’s important to appreciate the moments of beauty and success no matter how large or small.


At the age of 94, WWII veteran and AMA Hall of Famer Ed Fisher still rides everyday, and even continues to race as an amateur. Ed has always had a throttle in hand, since he was 16 years old. He began his racing career as a factory rider for Indian Motorcycles, before representing Triumph as one of their first East Coast riders in 1952. Ed became one of the leading national road racers throughout the 1950s, his most notable win was the 1953 Laconia 100-mile National Championship. To this day it remains the closest race in the history of the event, Ed’s victory wasn’t determined until months later as the top four riders all finished within just three seconds of each other. The lore of his style and speed, in various racing disciplines, has without a doubt minted his status as a living racing legend. He’s seen as a hero to many, because of how he lives with an unwavering virtue that can be seen each time he throws his leg over a motorcycle. Ed continues to eat, sleep and breathe motorcycles in the rural hills of Sullivan County, Pa.


Brenna Rae Eckerson

Kyle Pahlow

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