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GH RASTA (2019)

Run Time: 4:44
Director: Sam Gold
DP: Sam Gold
Producer: Kelsey Tyler
Local Producer: Dominic Esseh Tetteh
Editing: Madison Velding Van Dam & Richard Swanson


Sam Gold is a photographer and filmmaker from Detroit. She now lives and works in Brooklyn NY.


GH RASTA follows a garage of Ghanaian stunt bikers on the outskirts of Accra. The bikers are salesman during the day, buying and selling used motorbikes in Carprise, one of the largest bike markets in West Africa. However, their real passion is motocross stunt riding. As Ghana currently has no bike arena, they illegally take to the streets as their train- ing grounds. The majority of the stunt riders are Muslim, which works to their advantage
as majority of Ghana’s police force is Christian and therefore do not work on Sundays. The lack of law enforcement enables the bikers to orchestrate a big show on a quiet street in Jamestown, without permits, to massive crowds every Sunday.



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