Do you ever feel dead inside?
Droning thru the workaday can feel like a waste of what could be.
Trolling down back roads and blue highways isn’t enough.
Can’t sit in the grandstands any longer.
Having gone over the limit, there’s no going back.
I miss my  Super Hooligan days.
Super Hooligan racing is tight! [Justin George]
There is nothing like grabbing a snarling V-twin by the tail.
The big street bike turned Super Hooligan racer dances all over the dirt, way out of control, And I’m riding on reflexes.
Nothing like slapping the bull to remind you that you’re alive.
Wrestling the beast on a short track is like doing aerial acrobatics with a Boeing 747.
All that weight takes a deft touch, because if she gets away from you, she ain’t coming back.
It’s about as much fun as you can have with your helmet on.
Sideshow races include atypical vehicles and riders, and often kids with e-bikes! [Justin George]
Roland Sands lit the fuse with his bunch of merry pranksters
And it turned into a phenomenon.
Super Hooligan events are pure mayhem.
Billed as ‘The Greatest Show on Dirt’.
Super Hooligan Racing is a national series where flat track meets rock & roll.
Always outrageous and out of control – you won’t forget your good time.
And you never know who you’ll see racing, or playing onstage.
You owe yourself: check it out if you haven’t.
Professionals mix with anything goes. [Mr. Pixelhead]
Hooligan racing is a garage sport.
One must buy a bike to build a racer.
More than marketing, it takes dedication.
Enjoy the free-spirited vibe hanging out in the hooligan pits.
You’ll feel like the badass you’ve always wanted to be when you pull onto the track.
These are the high water mark days.
Wrenching, road trips & racing, it’s all good.
Hooligan is carefree.
Hooligan series founder Roland Sands has a heart-to-heart with a racer. [Bad Beard]
Whenever I’ve raced Hooligan, I walk away thinking ‘that was Epic!’
Race promoters have noticed too.
They’ll tell you it’s helped bring in a ton of new, younger blood to the sport.
Even local flat track events have a Hooligan class now.
It’s a good way to try flat track racing on the cheap.
It’s a packed field sometimes, and a short track, but it makes for fun racing. [Justin George]
For me, the true spirit of Hooligan is racing your daily rider.
They’re air-cooled 750cc or bigger, dual shock, stock-framed street bikes.
Heck, I rode mine to and from work, number plates and all.
Just bolted on the front brake lever and lights to go home,
Didn’t bother to replace the instrument cluster.
That bike and I went through so much together.
It’s more about the experience than winning.
In fact, if you brag about your win, you can pick up the bar tab….for everybody.
Hope to seeya out there.
The sideshow electric minibike racing is fun too. [Cycle Dump]
It’s not as much fun to watch the circus once you have been in the circus…and Roland Sands IS the circus. [Mister Pixelhead]



Michael Lawless [@electric_horseman], our ‘Poet of Packed Earth’, is the Flat Track Editor for, and has his own blog: Electric Horseman