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Marty Dickerson: 1926-2020 (2020)

Run Time: 3:56
Producers: Gerry Jenkinson and James Salter
Director: David Lancaster

Camera: Steve Read
Soundtrack: SquirkyMusic
Key Cast: Marty Dickerson and Philip Vincent-Day 


SpeedisExpensive is the story Philip Vincent – a man who sacrificed nearly everything to build the world’s most famous motorcycle. Filmed in Europe, the UK, Australia and America it features interviews with Vincent racers, plus friends, family and colleagues of both Philip Vincent and Phil Irving. The crew were lucky to film three interviews with Marty: at Bonneville, at El Mirage – shown here – and just last month at Jay Leno’s garage. SpeedisExpensive is due for release this year.


“Son, Speed is expensive.”

Marty Dickerson left us on February 19. From his trips to the Southern States in the late 1940s burning off all-comers on a newly-minted Vincent HRD, to his record setting at Bonneville, he was an ambassador for Vincents all his life – and a great friend to Vincent owners across the globe. 

An inductee to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, his best official speed on a Vincent was 177mph; unofficially it was over 190mph. In 2008 – at the age of 80 – he returned to the Salt on a borrowed Vincent and set a Vintage gas class record of 150.3013mph. In this short tribute Marty is re-united with his famous Blue Bike and talks about his dealings with Philip Vincent to grandson Philip Vincent-Day. RIP fast gentleman.



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