Welcome to the New World Disorder. We hope you’re healthy, safe, and taking care. In these times, motorcycles and scooters feel like the answer to not only our social distancing requirements but also some much-needed time away from the onslaught of negative news about the state of our planet. To help keep your mind distracted, check out this selection of electric eye-candy on two or four wheels – EVs pushing the envelope in the areas of design, performance, technological competence, and affordability. A Zero launch and its constant collaborations, more spectacular stylings from everywhere and a lot of videos to watch while you wait it out.

Make The “Switch” To An eSCRAMBLER

The Switch scrambler has generated significant media attention for its street scrambler styling and simple, balanced forms. [Switch]
New Zealand builder Matthew Waddick has built an electric Scrambler that easily checks so many boxes. The collaboration with former Danish Flat Track racing and industrial designer Michel Riis has resulted in this simple, mid-sized, and carefully curated creation branded by Waddick’s own Switch Motorcycles.

The Switch street scrambler with contemporary appeal. [Switch]
For this pared down eScrambler, the design team conscientiously packaged the powerful belt-driven, mid-mounted motor, with pre-existing information gleaned from the design of Riis’ concept eTRACKER. The performance promises to be quite impressive for a mid-sized electric motorcycle. The eSCRAMBLER has a top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph), 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 3.2 seconds, and a real-world range of 150 km (93 miles). The bike is powered by a 50kW (67hp) electric motor which offers 11 – 13kWh of power – quite generous for this size of e-bike. (comparable to the Zero SR). Also, as Waddick explained to electrek, the cells that are part of this proprietary battery box design, “are cooled using aluminum and copper heat transfer plates inside the box which dissipate the heat out through the box, covers and cooling fins.”

Perfectly Pursang

The Pursang E-Track and E-Street. [Pursang]
I haven’t looked into it, but I suspect that there is a pod of purists and dedicated designers who think that old should never be new again. Thankfully Pursang Motorcycle doesn’t agree, which is why their eagerly awaited retro revision is production ready. Reserve one now and you will have, in your very own garage, an electric edition of the Bultaco Pursang, legendary in all its gasoline glory from 1967 to 1984.

The Pursang E-Tracker: a tidy and stylish machine – well done! [Pursang]
In September of 2020 the “legend will come back to life” when the first 72 units of the Pursang E-Track will be set for delivery. First customers even receive a special edition which has “elegant carbon finishes.” The feisty-er E-Track will retail for 13.700 € (about $15,000 USD), while the more reserved but equally exciting E-street will claim 9,700 € (aprox 10,700 USD, assuming the bikes get an American retailer.

Everybody Wants To Be A Zero: The 2020 Zero SR/S, And Its Custom Cousin

The new Zero SR-S: looking more like the big OEMs every day. [Zero]
It would be easy to devote an entire edition of The Current to the collaborations – both actual and aspirational – between bike builders around the globe, and a selection of pulse-propelling Zero Motorcycles. This latest sampling of design-delights is no exception. However, before we look at the variations-on-a-bike that are such a joy to feature, we must first acknowledge the most recent revelation direct from the esteemed source – the 2020 Zero SR/S. It’s here and it surpasses its predecessors, not only by being dressed in either sleek blue or black colour ways, but also for its updated insides.

If you’re tired of color, there’s always the Charcoal option of the SR-S. [Zero]
Housed within both the Standard and Premium versions of the SR/S are 140 ft/lb of peak torque, 110hp and top speeds of 124 mph. What differs between the two newest members of the feisty fleet is the impressive Optimal Rapid Charge times of only 80 or 60 minutes, respectively thanks to the 30kW or more powerful 60 kW integrated charger. This, in concert with the 109 to 161-mile ranges are the tech specs that are often of the most interest to consumers – the ability of an electric bike to go further and with a faster charging capability. Zero isn’t just listening, it’s delivering.

Meet Greta: The Indonesian Offspring

Greetings from Greta in Indonesia. [Greta Barang]
The Indonesian International Motor Show (IIMS) is having a contest, and Baran Design Studio and Magnetwo & Co have a contender. Greta-EV (named after the popular young activist?), is a hybrid cruiser and cafe racer whose appearance is a blend of modern and vintage lines meant to clearly communicate its identity. The rendering, produced by junior industrial designer Ganang Al-Rasyid captures the “classic elements of a motorcycle such as a gas tank,” which, as envisioned by the project pair “are slowly translated as new design elements, which maintain the ergonomic function, but at the same time give a clear message, that this is not a gas tank.” The sassy start-up even tagged Los Angeles-based superstar Zero Motorcycle sellers Hollywood Electrics with the pitch to turn their concept into a custom kit for the Zero SR. Good idea?

The Filial Forest Scout By Filson Outfitters

OMG, motorcycles and chainsaws: something elemental, masculine, and probably contradictory about this, but the point is taken – it’s a practical device. [Filson / Zero]
Filson started outfitting American pioneers and prospectors since the start of the Gold Rush in 1897. Since then, the customer base has grown to include “hunters and anglers, engineers and explorers, mariners and miners,” and in 2020: rugged motorcycle riders. Filson recently launched motorcycle apparel and accessories alongside a customized Zero DSR Dualsport to blast through the forest canopy in style. In addition to the existing 200+ mile range, 116ft-lbs of torque fed through a carbon belt drive, the best Showa suspension the dirt destroyer has extra lighting mounted to its crash bars and classic Filson finery – a luggage set made from their signature Tin Cloth that matches the seat cover detail. Oh, and in case you think they forgot why you’re going riding in the woods, they didn’t. Also included is a specially designed rack that can carry a hatchet and a chainsaw.

The Filson Zero: motorcycle, moto, trail, bike, everywhere. [Filson / Zero]
This mighty e-bike is ready for anything – perfectly equipped to slip through the trees, undetected until it’s time to tackle a tree. From “Zero” to hero on one impressive electric Enduro.

Droog Moto’s Problem Child You Love

Everyone’s favorite Droog, now in E-Fighter mode. [Droog]
In the midst of the Pandemic Pandemonium, rougher-looking rides seem like the most appropriate aesthetic, and this Mad Max e-moto is a fine fit. Not to contribute to any of the already circulating COVID conspiracy conjecture but Droog Moto customised this 2020 Zero FX into the DM-016 E-Fighter moments before riding is likely to become the most socially acceptable, distancing mode of motorized movement.

The Droog FX-RS conversion. [Droog]
Thanks to Zero’s motorcycle technology this custom creature comes with a 550 Amp high efficiency controller with regenerative deceleration, and optional modular 3.6 or 7.2 set up. The high-performance brushless motor offers instant acceleration, and multiple ride modes including one that is fully customizable. With 46hp and 78 ft. lbs of peak torque the “stealthy and sleek” E-Fighter will claim an easy win.

The hub motor of the Droog E-Fighter. [Droog]
Other features of this modern street scrapper include upgraded suspension and wheel options that will ensure that off-road routes will be effortless, and extra visible thanks to the illuminating power of front and rear LED lights. With its fierce finishing touches, this e-Droog is definitely on brand.

The Falcon Elevates The Urban E-Bike

The Cleveland Cyclewerks Falcon in its element. [CCW]
This might have been one the more eagerly anticipated e-bike thanks to some plenty prolonged, and mystery-filled marketing. Cleveland Cyclewerks from – you guessed it – Cleveland, Ohio has earned its loyal and growing fan base because they have consistently delivered on their promise to put riders in touch with “Fun bikes,” which are “beautifully packaged,” and “affordably priced.” The Falcon Electric Motorcycle is on brand. Like its combustion cousins, the Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK look cool. Both blend minimalism and modernism with their machine-molded, exposed chassis that effortlessly supports the two attractively packaged 2.3 KW battery packs. This same 2-piece bottom bracket allows for easy adjustment of pegs or pedals. Additionally, the on-board connectivity will keep up with rider whims.

The Falcon with easily replaceable battery. [Falcon]
The Falcons are snappy city rides. With a curb weight of only 150 lbs, peak torque of 29ft/lbs, and speeds that can reach past 85 miles per hour for up to 180, the Falcon BLK would easily make travelling between the daily grind and good times (we could only WISH right now) an addictive activity all on its own. While you’re trapped inside waiting for the world to return, have a look. This is their loud and proud video showing a Falcon rising, and riding. https://youtu.be/QzgSImWaPJ0

THE Newest CAKE KALKs Go Curbside

The Cake Kalk Ink, an inexpensive off-roader in black. [Cake]
Here’s one more in the coolest collection of e-bikes that is the entire CAKE Motorcycle line-up. I won’t even bother to hide my fandom. In the fall of last year, we met the Ösa+ and Ösa Lite, both wildly fun and functional utility EV bikes/battle stations.

Still the most succinct design expression of an off-road ebike, the Kalk Ink. [Cake]
Now CAKE is back with enhanced versions of their original off-road rebels, the KALK INK and KALK INK SL (Street Legal), which are almost identical to their predecessors, the KALK OR and the KALK& respectively. The INK SL has “slightly heavier and stable wheels and a simplified and yet sturdier suspension,” and is ready to dig through the dirt or sear through the streets. The lithe and lighter 121 lb INK effortlessly takes to the trail for some 3 hours at up to 50 mph. Look!

Watch for them. Delivery dates are still posted as June 1st and July 1st.

“Z” Bike Designed By A Young Transportation Student

Z concept rendering. [Joseph Robinson]
It may look like the last letter of the alphabet, but it is certainly at the forefront of design. This is the Electric “Z” motorcycle concept by the Britain-born California-based designer Joseph Robinson. The naked unibody blends the head(light) into the tail(arm) conveying an impression of perpetual motion. To enhance the mystery of this minimalist e-motorcycle Robinson’s design also includes fold-away handlebars and foot pegs. The charging port is concealed in the seat, and the 30kW/h interchangeable battery pack rests on the chassis tray, seamlessly incorporated into the organic form of the frame.

Yes, it’s vaporware, but we support the investigation of new ideas! [Joseph Robinson]
As with most concepts, there are often a few “extras” that don’t suit the styling so they’re simply ignored. In this case, there is a notable absence of side-view mirrors and a laissez-splash attitude towards front and rear fenders, which is likely thanks to there being no traffic or weather to contend with in the concept-verse. The steering and suspension may also need some tweaking if fantasy becomes reality, but in the meantime this creation can continue to reveal what designers can conceive given the freedom of electric powertrains.

A Classic Electric Jaguar

Winner by default: using William Lyons’ classic Jaguar XK120 coupe design as an EV is kinda cheating, but we still want it. [Lunaz]
England’s Lunaz Design breathes fresh fire into a vintage prize, in this case a 1953 Jaguar XK120. In keeping with their mandate of “Embracing the future, whilst preserving the past.” The British automotive engineering company “has designed and developed an electric powertrain to breathe new life into classic cars.” The effect is spectacular – a collection of fully restored gems from decades past that are now fully functioning on proprietary technology of the future.

Lunaz does classics. when you’re emissions free – like this Rolls Royce Cloud – flowers are fans too. [Lunaz]
Want to know about range and charge times? The Jaguar has gotten 275 of smiling miles. The fast charge capability with CHAdeMO for a full charge is under 2 hours, and a home charge at 7kw would take 12 hours.

When You Can’t Do, Watch

Home built? Big fun. [Frayer Brand]
We don’t often feature the DIY e-bikes that all you more skilled, or brave bike builders might be capable of assembling in your garage, but since most of us are stuck indoors and unable to escape this apocalypse on our own two wheels, here’s some home-spun e-bike movie magic.

The gas grinders are one Suzuki RM125 and one RMZ250 while the dirt-e-bike (see what I did there?) is fashioned out of a Honda CR injected with 40hp with the help of a 6.2 kWh battery passing power through a BAC8000 Electric controller to a ZF 75-7 motor. How long can this e-engineering last out on the trails? According to its owner, about 5-6 hours of foliage fun. Hope you enjoy the competitive e-edge in these dirty drag races and hilarious hill climbs.

The Newron Is Really On Its Way

The luxe Newron in white ash wood. [Newron]
Could just be that we wanted an excuse to show you this work of electric art one more time, or it could that that the French manufacturer Newron is ready to deliver its Dystopian dream-cycle to ready riders. If all goes according to plan, by the close of 2020 there should be twenty of these electric amazements on roads around the world.

The Newron in ebony: high sci-fi design influences. [Newron]
Keep your eyes peeled to catch sight of one of these sculpted wood frames wrapped around the atomic inspired 75 kW motor that look ready for blast-off. With a powertrain that delivers 0-62 mph in 3 seconds and peaks at 137 mph you might not have long to catch a glimpse. Equally unlikely is the chance that you’ll be able to spend quality time while it idles at home, thanks to the level d3 fast charging system that promises to deliver in 40-minutes (or it’s free?).

Newron specs. [Newron]


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