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Falcon Bullet (2008)

Run Time: 1:16

Producer: Falcon Motorcycles

Director: Iñigo Oleaga

Director of Photography: Iñigo Oleaga
Editor: Iñigo Oleaga

Key Cast: Ian Barry, The Bullet


The first original Falcon video featuring the making of The Bullet, Falcon Motorcycles first studio, and the transition into the Falcon studio in downtown Los Angeles. A film by Iñigo Oleaga


Built in 2008

1950 Triumph Thunderbird engine and 4 speed transmission, aluminum 750cc cylinders, Bonneville cylinder head with shaved rocker boxes, modified alternator, BTH FM2r Magneto with custom kill switch, steel 19” Dunlop wheel, steel 21” Dunlop wheel, brass, bronze, cloth, copper, glass, gold leaf, Goodyear Sport Rib tire, Amal 930 carburetors, iron, leather, leather rope, Lactate, nickel, paint, palladium leaf, Lucas King Of The Road light, Smiths chronometric Regulator, rubber, safety wire, stainless steel, steel tape, Avon Speedster tire.

32 x 26 x 86 in.


Falcon Bullet

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