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Run Time: 49:15
Producer: Lowbrow Customs
Directed, Filmed, Edited: Mikey “Revolt” Arnold
Music Licensed by:
Key Cast: Tyler Malinky, Kyle Malinky, Andy Cox, Alp Sungurtekin


Mikey “Revolt” Arnold is a Cleveland based photographer and videographer for Lowbrow Customs and Forever The Chaos Life. Not only known for his creation of beautiful motorcycle imagery, he is also a co-founder of an award-winning motorcycle show called Fuel Cleveland. Mikey prides himself by not only documenting the custom motorcycle community but also giving that community a platform to shine on a larger scale. He is a self-published author along with having multiple stories and photo features published in countless motorcycle publications all over the world. Traveling, cooking, hiking, hunting down records / mid-century modern antiques, and creating music are just a few other things he’s into. Riding motorcycles goes in hand with all of those things as he states, “Creativity in design, art, food, finding the adventure, and surrounding yourself with good people is what life is all about.”


This full length film covers the 2019 and 2020 land speed racing efforts from Team Lowbrow. The team consists of Tyler Malinky, Kyle Malinky, Andy Cox and Alp Sungurtekin. With the rollercoaster of emotions that left everyone in heart ache after Tyler crashed at Speed Week 2019. The 2020 race season was left questionable due to the state of the world and the concerns if racing would even be able to happen. A last minute decision was made by Tyler and his brother Kyle to return to the salt for World Finals 2020 with hopes of redemption and putting their names in the record books.



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