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Run Time: 56:00:00
Producer: Guerrilla Docs
A Film By: Randall Wilson
Key Cast: Bear, Super Chicken, Bear Claw


Randall Wilson has directed several documentaries delving into the world of the outlaw biker, including Ride Free Or Die (2019), Sin City Deciples (2019), Choir Boys MC (2010), Hessians MC (2005), American Biker (2005), and Glory Road: The Legacy of the African-American Motorcyclist (2005).


Wheels of Soul is the only racially mixed 1% outlaw motorcycle club in the world.
The predominantly black club must contend with not only the social stereotyping against bikers in the “civilian” world, but with the racial bias in the violent world of outlaw bikers.

The Wheels of Soul documentary allows the audience a voyeuristic peek into the lives of these private men and their families. The members speak frankly on racism, the history of the club, the biker lifestyle and day-to-day struggle on the mean streets of Philadelphia.


This film is currently out of stock everywhere on DVD. Snag a copy if you can!

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