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972 BREAKDOWNS (2020)

Run Time: 1:50:20
A Film By: Leavinghomefunktion & Daniel von Rüdiger


Alongside director, Daniel von Rüdiger, we have spent the last year puzzling together 500 hours of raw footage: Canons, GoPros, drone shots, handmade animations, typography, narration, subtitles… the whole package! 972,000 decisions later, our production journey has reached its end. A total of 165,500 film frames have been chosen in an attempt to turn cinema seats into sidecars, taking visitors on a 43,000 kilometer journey across the world!

And as you may have noticed, we really love numbers… which is also fitting our choice in working with the band 0101 for our soundtrack! Imagine the rhythm of an old and lousy kickstarter, constantly hitting the exhaust pipe … Imagine the >>click click<< of the turn signals, and imagine some dusty wind blowing tumbleweed over the endless road … Daniel von Rüdiger and Stefan Carl set our film’s anti-western stage with their original motion picture soundtrack “972 BREAKDOWNS”. More info at


On The Landway to New York

When plans collapse things start to get interesting…! Welcome aboard the Ural 650: A charming yet moody Russian motorcycle which will take us over land to New York city. For the next 40.000 kilometers we’ll keep pushing, pulling and fixing looking for the point where we can’t go on…

Through our Breakdown Theater we come in contact with the strangest mix of people around the globe. Pulled, pushed and towed – with their help we always get a bit further… until the next breakdown!



Daniel von Rüdiger

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