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Run Time: 1:26:00
Director: Lee Madden
Key Cast: Don Stroud, Luke Askew, Larry Bishop, Bud Ekins


Just remember man. Speed kills.

Catch motorcycle stunt man Bud Ekins himself, as ‘Speed’ in this oddball biker flick classic.


I’d ask you what a good pacifist would do, but I don’t care

The film opens in an amusement park. Bikers riding teacups… classic. Until it of course spirals into a brawl. Angel, the VP is tired of gang life. He leaves his colors at the park, for Shotgun to take on, and hits the road. At a small town gas station, the local cop is hassling some hippies. Angel takes their side and the cop backs off. One of the girls, Merilee, offers him food at their commune nearby, in trade for a ride on his bike. He obliges. Angel likes the commune… and Merilee. He chops wood, works the crops, skinny dips, and even learns to pot. It seems like paradise. Until all of a sudden, the commune is overrun with rednecks on dune buggies! They give the group one week to get out of town. Angel tries to talk to the locals, but it doesn’t go so well, so he heads back to the one place he didn’t want to go… his old biker bar haunt, looking for backup.

He invites the boys up to the country. He tells them of the cowboys vs hippies dilemma. After a bit of friendly ribbing, the boys agree to help out and everyone hits the road to the commune. The bikers settle in and all seems groovy… until they get into the special stash of hallucinogens that is. They get greedy of course, and want the recipe for Whamo (special cookies) but the hippies refuse. Shotgun’s got Angels ex old lady as a mamma now, but that doesn’t stop him from making the moves on Angels new old lady Merilee. He doesn’t get far and the biker on biker feuding starts to build tensions. They want out but they’re not leaving without those ‘special cookies’.

But when the Dune buggy riding, lasso looping cow-pokes send a message to the commune by roughing up one of the girls, a plan is devised to give the bike gang the Whamo if and only if they stick around long enough to fight the cowboys. Cut to dune buggies vs scrambler dirt bikes in the desert… and the fight is on! In the end, the hippies wins the war against the rednecks. The bikers are paid in Whamo and Angel is free to stay on at the commune to learn the art of pacifism with his old lady. – Corinna Mantlo for Cine Meccanica


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