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Run Time: 1:13:00
Producer: Paramount Pictures
Director: Joe Parker
Writer: Stanley Kallis
Key Cast: Jackie Loughery, Ed Kemmer, Mason Alan Dinehart


Hot rod hot-shots and their tailgate babes! Teenage gangs rip highways and skies with thrills and terror.


Mandy Wilson runs a small air strip near the Grand Canyon. She and brother Joe are glad to see pilot Chuck Lawson, who hasn’t been here in five years. Their brother Tom heroically saved Chuck’s life during the Korean War.

Joe has fallen in with a motorcycle gang, so Chuck is asked by Mandy to help straighten him out. Chuck is hired by uranium miner Van Richards to maintain surveillance from the air and find out who’s been stealing valuable mineral deposits. He meets the bikers in Joe’s gang, particularly the leaders, Judd and Mick Pfeiffer, and demonstrates his own skill on a bike while also giving flying lessons to Joe.

When the thieves realize Chuck’s on to them, his plane is rigged to crash. Chuck manages to land it in the Grand Canyon, but is in such a precarious place that he warns Joe not to attempt a rescue. Joe gets to him safely anyway, saving the day, and it’s clear that Chuck and Mandy are now in love.


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