As part of the buildup to our Electric Revolution Live event in May 2022 (a follow-up of our Electric Revolution exhibit at the Petersen Museum), we are ramping up reportage on the EV scene via The Current.  It’s an ever-evolving, even frantic, landscape of electric vehicles, and it can be tough to keep abreast of all the latest bikes, batteries, and news constantly flooding the market. That’s why we’ve re-launched our weekly EV News Roundup to bring you cherry-picked stories that matter to you.

Hello dear readers and riders! We’re only two weeks deep into 2022 and it’s already shaping up to be an exciting year in the world of electric vehicles. This past week has been stuffed with awesome unveilings at CES 2022, rad releases, pioneering new battery technology, and other electrifying stories you won’t want to miss.  Let’s roll:

Damon Motors Drops Its New 170mph HyperFighter e-Motorcycle

The Damon Hyperfighter is a badass and ultra-sophisticated electric superbike, with significant rider safety features. [Damon]
Here at The Vintagent, we’re huge fans of Damon Motorcycles. However, our heart eyes almost exploded this week when the Canadian startup unveiled its new electric motorcycle line dubbed “HyperFighter Colossus.” Damon’s initial prototype was released way back in the summer of 2019. Soon after, Damon began taking pre-orders for the $40,000 e-Motorcycle. But this was all two years ago, or 200 years ago in COVID time. Last week, the company revealed its new model at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. Marketed toward eco rebels, the Damon HyperFighter Colossus is a beefy sportbike with a price tag of $35,000. Built on the same HyperDrive foundation as the company’s first e-Moto model, the bike’s powertrain features a structural battery case that is similar to HD’s LiveWire Arrow platform, and can support numerous other models.

Using Al, the Hyperfighter learns from its rider, and adjusts itself to the rider’s speed and riding style in real time. [Damon]
Bathed in bold yellow, the HyperFighter is expected to come equipped with Damon’s CoPilot system that boasts a 360-degree advanced warning system, cameras, and other safety features. The bike will also include the startup’s Shift technology that enables the machine’s ergonomics to seamlessly adjust in real time, changing a rider’s position in the heat of the moment. The bike’s 20kWh battery promises to deliver 146 miles worth of range, 200 ponies, and reach top speeds of 170mph. “Forget what you know about traditional streetfighters. Just as HyperSport has done to the sportbike segment, the HyperFighter stands to disrupt the streetfighter category with groundbreaking technology not found on any other bikes. The HyperFighter is a stripped-down demon of a bike that is not for the faint of heart. We’re excited to give the naked sports bike fanatic everything they want, and with HyperDrive serving as the nucleus, Damon can continue to innovate and rapidly scale to bring the world’s most electrifying motorcycles to market,” Damon Motors’ cofounder and CEO Jay Giraud stated. Prepare to be dazzled.


Crypto Has Just Been Electrified

Trikes looking like a crypto mining craft? That’s the Daymak Spiritus, with a potential 130mph top speed. [Daymak Avvenire]
Have you ever wondered what a car-motorcycle-mashup would look like? Well, Toronto startup Daymak Avvenire is here to answer that question. The company’s new EV, dubbed Spiritus, is predicted to be the fastest three-wheeled EV on the globe. But that’s not all. This baby also mines crypto while parked. This vehicle is not for the faint of heart. It’s all business in the front with a car-styled appearance, and a straight up party in the back with a single-wheeled, moto-centric tail. The vehicle doesn’t even tip the scales at just 620kg, making it super light on its feet, er, wheels. The Spiritus will be available in two different versions, including Deluxe and Ultimate. The former, base-level Spiritus will hit top speeds of 138km/h and have a range of 290km. The premium model will reach peak speeds of 130mph and delivers a staggering acceleration of 0 to 96km/h in just 1.8 seconds. If you’ve never given crypto a try, here’s your chance.


It’s Like a Habitrail, But for Humans

The Podbike Frikar

Norway’s mobility company Podbike stated earlier this week that it will deliver its first electric bike-car later this year. Called the Frikar, the enclosed bike-car resembles a Habitrail with wheels. The all-weather bubble protection and enhanced aerodynamics make this micro-mobility machine a really unique product. And thousands of folks agree, with over 3,400 preorders already reported. The Frikar has a price tag of $7,300, features 5.7 cubic feet of cargo space, and can reach lethargic top speeds of 15.5mph.


Washable, Stretchable Battery Created

The new flexible, washable batteries developed by the UBC team led by Dr Ngoc Tan Nguyen means they can be sewn into clothing for safety lighting or other groovy applications. [UBC]

Science knows no bounds. We saw proof of this earlier this week when researchers at the University of British Columbia created a battery that functions perfectly even after being stretched or washed. Poised to revolutionize wearable devices, the pioneering battery was developed by Dr. Ngoc Tan Nguyen and his team. He explained, “Wearable electronics are a big market and stretchable batteries are essential to their development. however, up until now, stretchable batteries have not been washable. this is a critical addition if they are to withstand the demands of everyday use.”

Quick CES 2022 Recap

Though CES 2022 was primarily a bust (thanks, COVID), we did notice some standout EV releases, including:

The CAKE :work series was well received at CES. [CAKE]
  • Of course, CAKE’s new updates to its RideCake connectivity app
  • The Delfast Top 3.0 is super-fast with a very long range. [Delfast]
  • Delfast’s Top 3.0 e-Bike, which promises to go 200 miles on a single charge and can hit 50mph.  It’s technically illegal in the US, unless it’s licensed as a motorcycle…which means the kids will clamor for it.
  • Not your tour guide’s Segway: the E110A is a proper scooter [Segway]
  • Segway’s new moped-esque e-Scoot, the E110a, which joins an expanding list of small EVs from this pioneering company.  Monos, self-balancing roller skates, the self-balancing standups they’ve built for years, plus mopeds, dirt bikes, standup scooters, and now, a proper sit-down scooter.
  • Birds for sale: commuter ebikes not for sharing [Bird]
  • Rideshare company Bird will be selling ebikes and kids scooters this year at reasonable prices, from $99 for kids (non-motorized) glowlit scoots, to
  • The unusual architecture of the Breker is clear. A case of over-design? What do you think will be the most successful light ebikes to come? [Brekr]
  • Brekr is a Dutch company with an innovative loop-frame moped with a swappable battery. Their website says, “The new reality we’re creating is a combination of the beauty of yester-year and a cutting-edge, bold and honest design which embraces the future.”  We don’t see much yesteryear in this design, but plenty of future.
  • Okai’s e-mountain bike with a carbon fiber chassis. [Okai]
  • Okai is entering the e-mountain bike market with their carbon-fiber framed EB20. They aren’t in production yet, so no prices offered. Okai is already on the market with several stand-up e-scooters, so this bike will definitely be built.
  • Soltera ebike is basic and very inexpensive. [Aventon]
  • Soltera is an inexpensive pedal assist ebike by Aventon.  Priced at $1200, it’s among the least expensive electric bicycles on the market. It has integrated lights and a single speed, but for a little extra a 7-speed version is available.


Rivian’s New Trademark Might Signal Plans for an e-Bike

EV manufacturer Rivian filed a new trademark this week that signals the company strategy will include a shift to e-Bikes. The new RIVIAN™ trademark is intended to umbrella all things two-wheeled, including e-Bikes, batteries, motors, parts, and more.  With several $Billion in investment in Rivian already, the estimated $52Billion electric bicycle market (by 2028) looks ripe for the picking. Mercedes-Benz and Harley-Davidson are already on the eBike bandwagon, and eBikes are the fastest growing segment of all two wheeled sales.  Makes perfect sense to us.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


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