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Run Time: 3:26
A Film By: Fabio Affuso
Key Cast: Lesley Bray, Malaka, Adelio Lorenzin, Jose Sendra, with text/reading by Alan Watts


My photography focuses on the daring and extrovert nature of men and women who live life to the fullest. My subjects are creatives, visionaries, sometimes impostors and very often self made professionals. They often have a taste for style, using fashion as a defining element of their personality and character. They reflect an attitude of self-confidence and freedom in a world where everything is possible. – Fabio Affuso


Fabio Affuso and friends take CAKE electric motorcycles from Mt Vesuvius to Mt Etna in Italy, ‘powered by solar’. It’s a fun take on their journey, with a voice over by Alan Watts.


Fabio Affuso




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