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Producer: Common Tread
Director/Cinematographer: Jake Hamby
Key Cast: Simon Edwards, Mike, Richard, Wayne Mitchell


To this day, most people don’t realize there is no uninterrupted route between North and South America. The main obstacle is the Darién Gap, a 100-mile stretch of jungle and home to the Kuna Indians, known locally as El Tapón (The Stopper). Having been crossed only a handful of times, and only in the dry season from January to April, it presents a significant logistical challenge.

The decision to start the expedition on November 11 was both strategic and symbolic. The team consisted of mostly US Army veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. And leaving on the US holiday for Veteran’s Day meant the first hurdle of the trip, the Dalton Highway from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Fairbanks, would have less commercial truck traffic—a big advantage when on the narrow, snow-covered roads that zigzag up Atigun Pass, 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle.


From the frozen fringe of the Arctic Circle in November to the roadless jungles of the Darién Gap, and on to the ends of the earth at the tip of South America, four U.S. Army veterans took a ride of a lifetime. Better yet, they made a great film about it.

The feature-length motorcycle adventure film, “Where the Road Ends,” follows the four as they take on the challenges from Alaska to Argentina on Kawasaki KLR650s.

Former combat camera operator Jake Hamby follows Simon, Mike, Richard, and trip leader Wayne as the team relies on each other to overcome challenges of life after the military. The formidable route takes them through blizzards, deserts, and the infamous Darién Gap — a brutal section of jungle without roads between Panama and Colombia. The 14,000-mile trek puts the riders, their motorcycles, and their skills to the test as they attempt the adventure of a lifetime.

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