Hello, dear readers and riders! Welcome to the last EV news roundup of July 2022. This week, we’ll cover a new hybrid car from Bentley, KTM’s new electric dirt bikes for the kiddos, new high-end e-Motorcycles from Bajaj, and more. Don’t forget to send your questions, feedback, and tips to stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.


Guido On The Market

Can’t touch this! Well actually, you can, as Guido is available. [Henne Co]

In 2020 we wrote about Henne Co’s amazing EV custom ‘Guido’, which gets massive likes on social media for its outrageous stance and slick shape.  Henne is putting Guido on the market: if you want something totally unique and an all-eyes vehicle, here’s your huckleberry.  Give ’em a shout if you need some Guido.


Layer’s Sleek New e-Bike Adds Style to Any Commute

R U RD? The Layer chassis resembles a Puch moped in its universal U shape, but this one’s a ute – an urban utility vehicle and ideal commuter bike. [Layer]
London-based design company Layer recently released a sleek, minimalistic, and compact e-Bike that adds beauty to your everyday commute. Called the Pendler, derived from the Danish word for ‘commuting,’ the new electric bike features a toned-down aesthetic that will still get you noticed. The bike comes with several different detachable accessories that allows riders to carry shopping bags and luggage. It also features a phone deck, 20-inch wheels, and folding pedals. The Pendler has a range of about 15.5 miles thanks to its compact 45Nm motor and 250Wh battery.


The Stromer ST7 Will Feature New Electric Shifting Technology

Bye chain! Stromer uses a belt drive, and an electric shifting system…which has been avail on hi-end bicycles for decades. [Stromer]
The Stromer ST7 will be the first Speed Pedelec that boasts instant electric shifting technology. The bike uses the Pinion Smart.Shift C1.12i electric shifting system and a Gates Carbon Belt Drive for instant and intuitive shifting. The Stromer ST7 also features a 1440Wh battery, 27.5-inch tires, and 161 miles worth of range.


Bajaj to Releases High-End e-Motorcycles

Bajaj is the 4th largest motorcycle producer in the world, after Honda, Yamaha, and arch-rival Hero. Bajaj built 6.3 Million two-wheelers in 2019. By contrast, Harley-Davidson sold less than 200k bikes that year. [Bajaj]
Leading motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj Auto recently announced that it would be exploring platforms for high-end e-Motorcycles with its e-Bike partner, KTM. The company is also taking a strategic approach to the expansion of its Chetak e-Scooter. Bookings for the high-end scooter currently stand at over 16,000.


KTM’s e-Bikes for the Kiddos

KTM’s balance bikes are cool for kids! [KTM]
Speaking of KTM, the company recently unveiled three new mini off-roading e-Bikes for kids. The new lineup includes the SX-E 3, the MC-E 3, and EE 3. The company hopes to bridge the gap between its electric balance bikes and beefier mini e-Bikes with the new kid-friendly lineup.

“Our relationships with our dealers, their feedback and input have always been invaluable to us. That’s why we are proud to present our range of electric motorcycles for the youngest riders for the first time here in the world’s biggest offroad motorcycle market,” said KTM Chief Sales Officer Florian Kecht.

Jeep’s New Fat Tire e-Bike

Goes anywhere, does everything? While we applaud the Jeep eBike, we think it should be two wheel drive, no? [Jeep]

The team over at QuietKat recently dropped the Jeep Fat Tire e-Bike. Developed in collaboration with Jeep, the new off-road e-Bike features front and rear suspension, fat all-terrain tires, front and rear disc brakes, an 1500W electric motor, a SRAM nine-speed drivetrain, and a lithium-ion battery that powers the bike for up to 58+ miles over all types of terrain.


Bentley’s New Hybrid Luxury Vehicle

OK, I’d drive this over a Prius any day. Bentley goes badass on the hybrid tip: pass the organic grey poupon. Note location: hi LA! [Bentley]
Luxury automaker Bentley is now expanding its portfolio to include electrified powertrains. Part of this push is the new Flying Spur, a hybrid powertrain-equipped luxury sedan. The new model features a 2.9-liter V6 engine mated to a hybrid system. The Flying Spur can crank out 536 ponies and 553 lb-ft of torque.


GM’s Grandiose Plans for EV Domination

Planning to dominate: GM’s EV lineup will be massive, from commercial vehicles and people movers to Hummers, pickups, and passenger cars. [GM]
American automaker GM recently announced that its on its way to producing one million EVs by 2025. The company already has 150,000+ reservations for the Silverado EV and 80,000+ reservations for its electric Hummer.


Fresh Funds


  • Ola Electric will invest $500 million to establish a new battery innovation center in India.


  • Sodium-ion battery maker, Natron Energy, raised $7 million from Nabors Industries.




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.
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