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THE ROOST (2019)

Run Time: 1:21:00
Producer: Matthew Roberts
Director: Jessee Koester
Editor: Michelle Madden
Key Cast: Shiro Nakajima, Kengo Kimura, Toshi Nakajima



Created by director and writer Jesse Koester, producer and writer Matthew Roberts, cinematographer and writer William Greenawalt and editor Michelle Madden, the film manages to gain access to groups of motorbike cognoscenti up and down the country. It essentially explores their fascination with bikes and the accompanying culture which runs through it, all the while making it fascinating for those viewers with no previous interest in alt-moto or even mainstream motorcycles.

The documentary also carefully weaves a narrative throughout the production which takes in more than just motorcycles and artisanship. The Roost, like most well-made documentaries, delivers impactful nuances about community, friendship, alliances, the nature of art and creating and perhaps most poignantly, the essence of what makes us human beings. – TW Magazine


Two Years, Twelve cities, and a wide open throttle. The Roost is the definitive feature-length documentary lifting the covers on Japan’s neo-retro motorcycle subculture.  Traversing the land of the rising sun to meet the individuals shaping the custom scene and inspiring a global movement with their mastery of old-world, hand-built and new-world cool.

Japan produces some of the most talented custom motorcycle builders in the world—a rogues gallery of gifted individuals that set trends the rest of the world follows. The Roost captures renowned builders like Shiro Nakajima (46 works and founder of Ritmo Serino) and Kengo Kimura (Heiwa Motorcycles owner and holder of an astounding string of ‘best of show’ awards within Japan and abroad), alongside up and coming builders like Toshi Nakajima (Unfinish) and Rad Yamamoto (Ask Motorcycle). From the country’s southernmost tip in the island town of Asakusa with surfer, rider and builder Toshiyuka Kozaka (Switch Stance Riding), to kicking up sand in Kanazawa vintage beach racing with powerful female riders like Ayano Kanno, and everywhere in between with a moving feast of midnight rider meets, rides and races. Each story is unique in their approach though shares an endearing common thread – an unfiltered love of these two-wheeled machines and the sheer joy that fuels the lifestyles around them.


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