Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers and riders! After you feast on turkey and mashed potatoes, be sure to catch up on the latest EV stories. This week, we’ll take a look at the limited-edition Montage Electric Coupe, future plans for hybrid motorcycles, a windshield-less electric sports car concept, and more. As always, please send your tips and quips to stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.

Alpha Motor’s Limited-Edition, Custom-Built Electric Coupe

Looking like a childhood memory of a William Lyons design, the Alpha Motors coupe is retrolectric. [Alpha Motors]
Want to live in the lap of electric luxury? If so, Alpha Motor’s new exclusive custom-build EV, the Montage Electric Coupe, is right up your alley. Scheduled for limited production in the US, the Montage will be constructed on a custom-built EV platform that is developed from the ground up using the company’s proprietary development process. The Montage will be outfitted with a custom-built Electric Drive Unit (EDU), predicted to churn out 150kW of power and 3,335Nm of torque. The coupe will also feature a custom-built lithium-ion battery pack with 250 miles worth of range.

Vitesco’s Hybrid Motorcycle Concept

Going places? The Vitesco hopes so, on its hybrid Husqvarna. [Vitesco]
German powertrain supplier Vitesco recently unveiled a running example of a hybridized Husky at EICMA to demonstrate how a bike’s weight and performance will be impacted by a hybrid-electric powertrain. While the prototype’s appearance may look wonky, try and see past it to the promises of double available torque and a 75% decrease in emissions. Vitesco outfitted the Husqvarna with a 48-volt, 16hp electric motor, which is a starter/generator from the company’s auto supply business. The kit also includes a “powertrain domain control unit” that sends power to either the electric motor, the combustion motor, or both. The battery pack has a mere 1.5kWh of energy storage, but it has enough range to get you around town if you’re traveling under 37mph. Vitesco says the entire system adds about 44 pounds to the bike’s existing weight.

GAC Design’s New Avant-Garde Electric Sports Car Concept

An ecstasy dream? The GAC certainly looks intriguing, and carved out. [GAC[
GAC Design recently released its new EV sports car concept, the GAC Barchetta. The avant-garde concept lacks both a windshield and roof. Instead, it sports triangular steel bars which are anchored on the inside of a hollowed cabin. The flattened chassis contains compact batteries and the mono-material aluminum body is elegant and lightweight. The GAC Barchetta’s seats and steering wheel are made from recycled plastic.

Lucid Drops Details About the 2024 Gravity Electric SUV

Deep on the luxury end of the EV spectrum, the new Lucid SUV will vie with Range Rover and Rolls Royce. [Lucid]
Earlier this week, California-based luxury EV maker Lucid revealed new details about its 2024 Gravity electric SUV. The new model promises more range than any other electric vehicle currently available on the market, with the exception of the 520-mile Lucid Air sedan, of course.  The SUV will offer a glass roof option and be available in two- or three-row forms.

Porsche Debuts New 800-Volt Platform

If its Porsche, it will be powerful. We see a lot of EV Porsches on the streets already. [Porsche]
Porsche has plans to expand its EV offerings with its upcoming Premium Platform Electric battery-electric platform. The new platform is promised to support 707 lb.-ft. of torque, 603 ponies, and an 800-volt architecture. The Premium Platform Electric will be modular and will be able to support both all-wheel and rear-wheel-drive systems. The platform’s rear motor is “positioned particularly far back, resulting in a slightly rear-focused weight balance with the ratio of 48% to 52%.”

US Aims to Electrify All Buses and Trucks by 2040

The US has joined a global effort to achieve 100% zero-emission truck and bus sales by 2040. The new move was announced last week at the COP27 climate summit. Sixteen other countries have signed the non-binding Global Memorandum of Understanding on Zero-Emission Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicle, including Canada, Norway, New Zealand, and Turkey. “This global partnership will leverage the billions of dollars in clean transportation investments provided by President Biden’s agenda to drive technological innovation, lower vehicle costs, and reduce transportation emissions,”  US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said at the summit in Egypt.




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