Hello, dear readers and riders! Welcome to the first installment of our EV news roundup for 2023 . The New Year has come in like a lion as far as the electric vehicle sector goes. This week, we’ll be covering a radical electric flying car that made its debut at CES 2023, CAKE’s new utility e-Bike, a self-balancing Davinci e-Motorcycle, and a pocket-sized e-Motorbike. Feel free to send your tips and feedback to stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.

CAKE Launches Its Newest Utility e-Bike, the Åik

Åikin for CAKE? The new e-moped platform requires no license! [CAKE]

Swedish e-Bike manufacturer, CAKE, debuted its newest utility e-Bike, the Åik, at CES 2023 . The newest addition to the CAKE family does not require a license to operate, allowing people who typically rely on motorized transportation to use bike lanes and paths that are off-limits to cars and motorcycles. The Åik is powered by 750Wh batteries which are good for up to 74.5 miles. Riders can connect as many as three separate batteries to extend the bike’s range.

Electrify Any Bike Right from Your Pocket

Swytch any bike into an eBike! [Swytch]

Interested in buying an electric bicycle but can’t foot the bill? The Swytch Bike 250 W pocket-sized
conversion kit can help. Measuring the size of a large smartphone, the simple-to-use kit can turn any bike into an electric vehicle. Users can also take advantage of the kit’s electric pedal assist, which unlocks more range.

ASKA Flying Car Makes Its Debut

Looking mighty complicated, the ASKA is yet another flying car concept coming to market ‘soon’. [ASKA]

American start-up ASKA debuted its VTOL concept, the ASKA A5 , at CES 2023 this week. The innovative four-seater craft uses a set of retractable wings that give drivers the ability to travel both on the road and through the sky. The ASKA A5 has a flight range of up to 2 5 0 miles.

BMW’s i Vision Dee Transports You to Wonderland

She comes in colors: the BMW iVision DEE creates a ‘digital emotional experience’ while driving.  I have those whenever my computer acts up! [BMW]

Luxury automaker BMW unveiled its wild new i Vision Dee EV concept at CES 2023. Featuring a comprehensive heads-up display and exterior color-changing capabilities, sitting in the i Vision Dee is like taking a trip down the rabbit hole. The “Dee” component of the new concept’s name stands for Digital Emotional Experience, allowing drivers to escape the headache of rush hour traffic for uncharted virtual territories. Genius, or dangerous?

RAM 1500 Revolution Debuts at CES 2023

Pet Ram? It will follow you around like a…goat…in Shadow Mode.  Not sure why one wants their car to follow them around, but I am of limited imagination, and never watched Knightrider. [Dodge]

CES 2023 was certainly a doozy when it came to exciting new EV releases, including the battery-electric
RAM 1500 Revolution pickup. The concept boasts an intelligent Shadow Mode, allowing the truck to follow you around like a faithful dog at low speeds. The Revolution is built on Stellantis’ STLA Frame architecture and features all-wheel drive via two electric drive modules.

Meet the Self-Balancing Davinci DC100

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! And neither will the DaVinci DC100.  [Davinci]

The Davinci DC100 also debuted at CES 2023 in Las Vegas this week. The robotic e-Motorcycle features an impressive 250 -mile range and self-balancing capabilities that allows it to follow you around. The Davinci DC100 cranks out 135 ponies and has peak torque of 850Nm, or 627 lb-ft. Dang.

Verge Is Taking Preorders for Its Hubless e-Motorbike

Verge needs no spokes! Taking a cue from the chopper scene, Verge dares to be different by using a spokeless rear wheel drive.

Vergerecently announced it will be taking US preorder reservations for the Verge TS Ultra. The new e- Motorcycle features a hubless rear wheel motor, has peak power of 2 0 1hp, peak torque of 1,2 0 0Nm, and can be fully charged in just 2 5 minutes.

Suitcase-Sized e-Motorcycle

The Motocampo concept returns, and Icoma one won’t leak oil or gasoline into your trunk! [Icoma]

Want an e-Motorbike you can bring almost everywhere? Icoma has you covered. The company’s pint-sized electric motorcycle is priced to please at just $4000 and can zip around for up to 18 miles. At 110 pounds, you’ll need some muscle to move it around, but it can easily be stored in your trunk or on a train.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.