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Run Time: 27:16
A Film By: Greg Villalobos
Additional Camera: Wil Linssen, Adam Mitchinson, Clive Barber
Key Cast: Clive Barber, Noel Thom, Wil Linssen, Adam Mitchinson, Greg Villalobos


Greg Villalobos is a veteran motorcycle film maker. His quirky adventure films include The Coast To Coast Trial (2013), The Weekend Pass (2016), The Green Lane Relay (2016), Malle Moto: The Forgotten Dakar Story (2017), and Hunt For The Wild: The Trans Euro Trail Adventure (2018).


The Trans Euro Trail is an epic 50,000km dirt road route through Europe. We were set to head off from the UK to Spain to explore the pristine tracks and trails of the Pyrenees. And then Covid-19 reared its ugly head. Disaster. Or maybe not. What would a five day mini-TET adventure look like in our own back yard? And would we make it to the fabled secret cabin in the woods…

*NOTE: I know what you are going to ask… are all the trails here on the TET? Well no. The first half are routes we were scouting for possible inclusion in future updates on the TET. But the trails in Cumbria for the second half of the trip are on the TET. Go take a look at the website and start making plans for your own TET adventure today!


Greg Villalobos Website