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Run Time: 1:25:00
Producer: American International Pictures (AIP)
Director: Anthony M. Lanza
Writer: James Gordon White, John Lawrence
Key Cast: Dennis Hopper,  Jody McCrea, Chris Noel


They’re On Their Way!

The Glory Stompers is one of the first in a slew of outlaw biker flicks put out between 1967 and 1971. The film was the first directed by Anthony M Lanza who was better known as an off beat low budget (B Movie) film editor, and stars Dennis Hopper in his first ever biker flick roll! The ‘Biker Flick’ genre itself was was kicked off and named by Roger Corman when he directed the first of it’s kind, The Wild Angels starring Peter Fonda in 1966. Two dozen or so trashy exploitation ‘biker flicks’ were made between 1967 and 1971. Some more interesting than others, most morally objectionable, and all a piece of our motorcycle history.


STRADDLE YOUR HOGS AND RIDE, MAN! The ‘Black Souls’ vs the ‘Stompers’ in the deadliest gang war ever waged!

After a standoff between two biker gangs in California, members of the Black Souls, led by the vicious and unstable Chino (Dennis Hopper) ambush Darryl (Jody McCrea), leader of the Glory Stompers, and beat him severely. Thinking they’ve killed Darryl, the Black Souls kidnap his girlfriend (Chris Noel) to prevent her from becoming a witness against them. They decide to traffic her in Mexico and head south for the border, unaware that Darryl has recovered and is in pursuit.


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