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Run Time: 32:00
Producer: Ty Demura, Vice Japan
Director of Photography: Sebastien Stein
Editor: Akira Kamitaki
Key Cast: Kazuhiro Hatsuki, Eguchi, Akira Nakano


“I believe that the reason the biker gangs have disappeared is because the country of Japan has been perfected. In countries where the government is sloppy or in times of change, outlaws always lead the weak, but I think it means that Japan has now become a country that does not allow any opening for outlaws to play an active role.”


The biker group “Specter” was founded in the 1970s by Kokushikan students. The Specter group originated in Machida and had branches in Asakusa, Shinjuku Nakai, Minami Senju, Kanamachi, Nerima, Sagami, Mitaka, Higashi Nagasaki, Nakano, Urawa, Nagatsuta, Hachioji, Ichikawa, Matsudo, Narashino, Yamanashi, Ehime, Sendai, Ibaraki, Tochigi, and other areas, and further increased its members in other areas through the division of goodwill, becoming the largest single motorcycle gang group in Japan. The group boasted the largest scale of a single motorcycle gang in Japan. Kazuhiro Hatsuki was the 21st head of the Narashino Specter in 1989. The rallies were so large that the streets were filled with headlights, the passion for the suicide uniforms that were proof of the team’s control and embodiment of the delinquents’ souls, and the fierce motorcycle gang fights that even resulted in deaths…. Looking back on those days, we will visit the current Narashino Specter, which is now alone, the still-running Kamagaya Minami-Mujo A-arm, Ryuichi Otake and Yasutetsu Igarashi of the Killer Union Nina-Mona, and Keizo Kanami, the legendary leader of the Specter, and talk about their hot, intense and exciting times, as well as their future They also talk about their “dreams” for the future.


History of Bosozoku


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