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Run Time: 15:58
Producer: Archive Moto
A Film By: Chris Price
Music: Keith Kenniff, Peter Sandberg, Silver Maple, Jakob Ahlbom, Golden Age Radio


A three part documentary series looking at the history board track racing, one of America’s most infamous and sensational sports.

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Archive Moto presents GRIT Part 1, the first of a three part documentary series looking at the history of one of America’s most infamous and sensational sports, motorcycle Board Track Racing. Born of the second industrial revolution in America, the motorcycle emerged out of the booming bicycling craze of the late 1800s. With an diverse enthusiast community, expansive industry of manufacturers and parts suppliers, and a wildly popular sport of bicycle velodrome racing, motorcycles took advantage of the rich cycling culture beginning with the advent of motorized pacing machines. The tandem motorized pacers paved the way for experiments in single-rider, civilian motorcycles, and given its close relationship with the racing world, it was inevitable that motorcycle racing would take the country by storm. But it was when the old wooden bicycle tracks, called velodromes, were scaled up to accommodate the increasingly speedy motorcycles that a sensational new sport was created. The culmination of bicycles, motorized pacers, and velodrome racing, America’s board track Motordrome took the country by storm in 1909, creating a legacy that still captivates riders today. Part 1 investigates these fast-paced beginnings from the birth of the motorcycle.

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