My first moments on the ZERO were nearly my last.

I picked up the bike on a damp winter’s day.

Traffic was heavy as I merged onto the road in front of the dealership.

Rolling on the throttle aggressively to blend into traffic,

the ZERO spun up the back tire hard,

snapping me opposite lock sideways in a lurid slide.

The kind of moment when atheists see Jesus.

Cold tires on a wet day caught me off guard.

I could lie to you, saying my flat track experience saved me.

But in reality, it was the excellent balance and neutral handling of the Zero.

A lesser machine would have put me down hard.

It’s always the memorable bikes that put the fear of God in me.

The FXE has a lightweight dualsport vibe, and weighs only 309lbs. [Raymond C Schwab IV]

I was left gobsmacked by the ZERO FXE

Didn’t expect such fun in a silent, efficient package.

No honking intake or bellowing exhaust.

Just effortless thrust as the throttle is rolled open.

No banging gears, just seamless acceleration.

The rushing sound of the wind is your companion.

She whispers in your ear while center punching with a wall of torque.

(If you’re a numbers person: curb weight 309 lbs./78 ft-lbs. of torque per ZERO)

I used to say ‘they’ll pry my four-stoke from my cold dead hands’.

But after some saddle time with the FXE,

I felt like shouting: ‘I’ve seen the future, and it’s fun!’

The controls are as simple as can be, with no clutch lever and digital instrument panel. [Raymond C Schwab IV]

The FXE has the lightweight feel of a dual-sport.

Wide handlebars give that urban gorilla vibe.

Direct drive makes local stuff fluid & graceful.

Swinging effortlessly from stop light to stop light.

To sum up the riding experience in a word? Elegant.

Traditionalists may scoff at the lack of a clutch lever, though.

The bike carries its weight well.

Changes direction like a Rotax framer. (high marks)

There is no vibration-even at full throttle.

No warm-up time is needed either.

Just push the button and ride away,

even on the coldest mornings.

A perfect urban runabout that doesn’t make enemies…except ‘loud pipes’ bikers. [Raymond C Schwab IV]

I’m silently trolling for photo spots late at night in a corporate office complex.

Just singing along with The Doors.

(I’m a spy in the house of love. I know the dreams that you’re dreaming of)

I’d be safe from security if I could toggle off the lights.

Being silent is my friend and ally here.

Love riding in the crisp winter air.

The rides are fewer, so I savor every mile like it’s my last.

Coming upon another bike that night really opened my eyes.

The big twin had open exhaust, running way fat.

You could smell the unburnt fuel in the air.

The rider was blipping the throttle,

Making his presence felt and pissing people off.

I didn’t want to be part of that scene,

so I turned right to give him the Irish goodbye.

Looks small because it is small. Zero survives because they’ve remained focused on what they do best, and slowly built a following. [Raymond C Schwab IV]

Know someone who wants to learn to ride?

Especially if they’ve never driven a manual transmission car.

The complications of a manual choke, the fuel tap, and the clutch.

All that is out the window with an electric bike.

It’s direct drive, so there’s no whiskey throttle moments learning to use a clutch.

No bogging down because the motor’s not warm.

It will never stall like a big single in traffic.

(Oh the joys of kickstarting a persnickety single)

No scary moments switching to reserve in heavy traffic.

Heck, its belt driven, so there’s no chain maintenance.

No winter fuel stuff/storage issues.

Perhaps it’s a safer way to get into the sport.

Just twist the throttle and go.

Curious?   Check out Zero Motorcycles.  [And our years of EV coverage on The Vintagent – ed]

Two forms of electric transport. One is a lot more fun. [Raymond C Schwab IV]


Michael Lawless [@electric_horseman], our ‘Poet of Packed Earth’, is the Flat Track Editor for TheVintagent.com, and has his own blog: Electric Horseman
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