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OUTLAW II (2024)

Run Time: 35:00
A Film By: Vincent Prat
Key Cast: Nick Ashley, Alberto Garcia Alix, Vincent Borras, et al


“El Solitario is a Gesamtkunstwerk – a total work of art, in which the riders, their gear, their machines, their backup, the photography, and the film made of their adventures, are shaped to one vision.” – Paul D’Orleans,  Cycle World


Vincent Prat´s 35 minute short film was entirely shot with handheld iphone with a narrative style that aims to represent the real life, characters, settings, and events as closely as possible. Refusing effects, post-production and other technical gimmicks. Concentrating on the story and the characters at the cost of any good taste and any aesthetic considerations. Thus, our VOW OF CHASTITY!

“There’s one date of the year that I can’t afford to miss, and that’s in June, around the Summer Solstice, a symbol that’s very dear to me, because it represents renewal, my renewal.
Our Spanish friends have understood this, and without really organizing things, they know perfectly well how to unite us around San Juan. One message is all it takes, and we all arrive from the four corners of the globe, ready for a new adventure. As one of us said, the road is OK, but the track is much more exciting, and I finally understood this on our last crossing of the Iberian Peninsula. Having spent forty years exclusively on the road, I discovered the immense pleasure of enduro riding. Being inside the landscape is very different from watching it go by behind the visor, whatever the bike.

Whatever the track, the riding action is permanent, and in the word enduro, there’s the notion of endurance and travel. That’s what I like, so I’ve had a real revelation. As I write to you, preparations for a new adventure are getting underway, and I love this impatience.”

Vincent Prat


Watch the FULL FILM on El Solitario MC YouTube channel

El Solitario MC



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