Road Test: 1936 Brough Superior SS80

Is the Brough Superior sidevalve still superior? Our road test explores the pleasures of Broughing It.

Road Test: 1933 Brough Superior 11.50

Road testing a 1933 Brough Superior 11-50 in the Pyrenees is a rough job, but someone has to do it!

Road Test: 1930 Brough Superior-Austin Four

Impressive, beautiful, and certainly unusual

Road Test: the New Brough Superior SS100

The Vintagent Road Test of the new Brough Superior SS101, on the twisting coastal roads near Biarritz, France, during…

Brough Before Superior

Dave Clark restores an extremely rare racer built by the father of George Brough, founder of Brough Superior…

Summer of Brough

It is said no plans survive first contact with reality, and for me things started to go wrong from day one. It was the…

The Last Great Brough Hoard?

Priceless Brough Superiors Rotting in Bodmin Moor

Those Dashing Racers of the 1920s: George Brough

George Brough was the most stylish rider of the 1920s, even when racing his SS80 'Old Bill' in 1922, as in this photo.

Road Test: 1928 BMW R63

The R63 was an expensive machine when new, and cost about the same as a Brough Superior SS100 in the UK, and it's…

Cannonball 2018: Midweek in the Midwest

Riding a pair of vintage Brough Superiors across the USA in 17 days, the Vintagent/Sinless/Revival team pushes onward.

T.E. Lawrence; ‘The Road’

T.E. Lawrence, better known as 'Lawrence of Arabia', was a keen motorcyclist, and preferred Brough Superiors above all.…

Replicating ‘Old Bill’

The most famous Brough Superior of all was 'Old Bill', George Brough's personal sprinter. We didn't know the factory…

Harry Beanham’s Outback ABCs

Harry Beanham was a motorcycle collector and amateur photographer from the early 1920s through the 1980s, and had a…

Max Hazan and the HMW Vincent

All Max's bikes are ambitious and beautifully made, but the HMW Vincent is actually next-level work, and his true…

Quail 2022: Behind the Scenes

Feeling impatient, I blurted out the case for Max Hazan’s Vincent as Best of Show from an aesthetic and technical…

Those Dashing Racers of the 1920s: C.T. Ashby

You can almost smell the castor oil burning off the hot motor of Cecil Ashby's 1925 Zenith 'Championship' racer at…

Quail Motorcycle Gathering is Back!

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is the premier motorcycle lifestyle event / concours d'elegance in the world.