Road Test: 1936 Brough Superior SS80

Is the Brough Superior sidevalve still superior? Our road test explores the pleasures of Broughing It.

Road Test: 1933 Brough Superior 11.50

Road testing a 1933 Brough Superior 11-50 in the Pyrenees is a rough job, but someone has to do it!

Road Test: 1930 Brough Superior-Austin Four

Impressive, beautiful, and certainly unusual

Road Test: the New Brough Superior SS100

The Vintagent Road Test of the new Brough Superior SS101, on the twisting coastal roads near Biarritz, France, during…

Brough Before Superior

Dave Clark restores an extremely rare racer built by the father of George Brough, founder of Brough Superior…

Summer of Brough

It is said no plans survive first contact with reality, and for me things started to go wrong from day one. It was the…

The Last Great Brough Hoard?

Priceless Brough Superiors Rotting in Bodmin Moor

Those Dashing Racers of the 1920s: George Brough

George Brough was the most stylish rider of the 1920s, even when racing his SS80 'Old Bill' in 1922, as in this photo.

Road Test: 1928 BMW R63

The R63 was an expensive machine when new, and cost about the same as a Brough Superior SS100 in the UK, and it's…

Cannonball 2018: Midweek in the Midwest

Riding a pair of vintage Brough Superiors across the USA in 17 days, the Vintagent/Sinless/Revival team pushes onward.

T.E. Lawrence; ‘The Road’

T.E. Lawrence, better known as 'Lawrence of Arabia', was a keen motorcyclist, and preferred Brough Superiors above all.…

Replicating ‘Old Bill’

The most famous Brough Superior of all was 'Old Bill', George Brough's personal sprinter. We didn't know the factory…

Harry Beanham’s Outback ABCs

Harry Beanham was a motorcycle collector and amateur photographer from the early 1920s through the 1980s, and had a…

Max Hazan and the HMW Vincent

All Max's bikes are ambitious and beautifully made, but the HMW Vincent is actually next-level work, and his true…

Quail 2022: Behind the Scenes

Feeling impatient, I blurted out the case for Max Hazan’s Vincent as Best of Show from an aesthetic and technical…

Those Dashing Racers of the 1920s: C.T. Ashby

You can almost smell the castor oil burning off the hot motor of Cecil Ashby's 1925 Zenith 'Championship' racer at…

Quail Motorcycle Gathering is Back!

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is the premier motorcycle lifestyle event / concours d'elegance in the world.

Top 10 Mecum Las Vegas 2022

People just seem to hate their money right now." - Sam Murtaugh, COO of Mecum Auctions, on why prices for collector…

Mecum Top 10 for 2022

"The sheer variety is staggering. This year, we fully expect antique and vintage motorcycles to continue their upward…

(Re)Born in Flames: the Top Mountain Museum

Amazingly, the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum was completely rebuilt in 10 months. It's open now, but the grand opening…

A Collection of Collections: Mecum Las Vegas 2022

With the New Year fast approaching, motorcyclists and collectors will be salivating over Mecum’s 31st Annual Vintage &…

Hypercar Exhibit at the Petersen Museum

the Hypercar exhibit at the Petersen Museum will run 18 months (through June 2023), and represents apex automotive…

Lucky 13: Mecum Monterey 2021

The collector vehicle market has been very strong in the last year.

‘Balance And Power’

The word Motorcycle is nowhere to be seen in the Audrain Automobile Museum’s official title, but that doesn’t mean…

BikeEXIT: the Chris Hunter Interview

Chris Hunter founded BikeEXIF in 2008: now he's sold it to the Iron&Air team of Adam and Greg. We ask Chris a few…

The Promenade Percy

Promenade Percy was a derisive name for motorcyclists cruising the seaside for attention in the 1930s. We dig into the…

‘Confessions of a Vintagent’ – 1943

What was the first use of the term Vintagent as applied to motorcycles? This article from 1943, written by Dennis May…

Charles Burki: Streamliners

As a Dutch graphic artist with an incredible back story in WW2, Charles Burki deserves to be better remembered today.

Mecum Gallery: Vehicle Sales Online

As live auctions are cancelled, Mecum is selling premium vehicles direct on its Mecum Gallery website.

Top 100 Most Expensive Motorcycles

Our Top 100 World's Most Expensive Motorcycles is the only accurate list of the most expensive bikes sold at public…

More Gems at Bonhams Las Vegas

Some cool and quirky machines are coming up at the big Bonhams Las Vegas sale Jan 23, and Peter Corn dives in for the…

It’s Time for Bimotas

Formerly sleepers in the collectibles market, it's time Bimota had a re-think and a reappraisal. Mecum's haul of…

Tough on the Streets!

Street scramblers were straight out of the Steve McQueen era - rugged, streetwise and of their time…or fashion……

Bonhams Autumn Stafford 2019 Preview

Bonhams' benchmark European sale comes twice a year, and this Autumn sale is packed with great stuff, from Mike…

The Current News: Aug. 28, 2019

EV Editor Tim Huber scouts stories from around the world, as the electric motorcycle market surges forward on nearly…

Mecum Phoenix 2019 Preview

Mecum Auctions is headed to Phoenix with 100 excellent bikes!

The Vintagent Archive: Wheels And Wings

From 1938: Chris Staniland explains how his love of speed evolved from racing motorcycles to a Grand Prix Bugatti, then…

Mecum’s Blockbuster 2019 Las Vegas Sale

Digging into the history of some of our favorite bikes coming up for auction at the Mecum Las Vegas sale in January…

Fours Before Honda: 70 Years and 50 Brands

Four-cylinder motorcycles have been around since at least 1899, but Honda made them the most famous in 1968. What…

Bonhams at Barber: Oct. 6th!

The Bonhams Auctions sale at the Barber Museum in Birmingham, Alabama, has a terrific selection of rare and beautiful…

Cannonball 2018: Portland, Maine

Stretching from Portland to Portland, the Motorcycle Cannonball starts today, with a great mix of machines as we barrel…

A Clubman at Brooklands: David Vincent

David Vincent was one of 29 riders to lap the Brooklands course at over 100mph on a 350cc machine before 1939, on a…

Legends of Montlhéry at the Café Racer Festival: Part 1

The annual Cafe Racer Festival at Monthlery is that track's only all-motorcycle event, and this year featured a…

Indians for the European Grand Prix

Indian developed special racers based on the European model to bolster their sales abroad.

2018 Concorso Eleganza Villa d’Este

The Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este is the most spectacular concours in the world, held on the grounds of an…

The Current: Jambon-Beurre – Avec L’amour Des Français

For maximum fun, an 100hp electric flat-tracker is hard to beat! Jambon-Buerre wants to build them in series.

Stolen Glory: Zenith, OEC, and the 1930 World Speed Record

In 1930, the motorcycle World Speed Record was a close contest between BMW, Zenith, and OEC, and the final speed run at…

Motosacoche and the Brothers Dufaux

The Dufaux brothers were pioneers of aviation, and founded a very successful motorcycle company, Motosacoche.

Death, Taxes, and Old Bike Fever

As collectors age, it's all too easy for unscrupulous 'friends' with Old BIke Fever to take advantage of their illness,…

1935 – The Greatest TT?

Some consider the 1935 Isle of Man Senior TT the greatest of them all, with only 4 seconds separating the winner from…

Selling Speed: What’s in a Name?

Manufacturers use evocative names to sell motorcycles - the oldest game in the book.

The Ride: Speedway Superstar

Ehinger Kraftrad’s remarkable ‘Speedster’; history through a hi-tech lens.

Lena the Killer

Why were a group of Australians riding a British motorcycle in Austria? To steal the World Speed Record back from…

Cliff ‘Soney’ Vaughs and ‘Easy Rider’

Cliff Vaughs designed the most famous motorcycles in the world. Why is he still unknown?

Kop Hill – the Perfume of Authenticity

The Kop Hill Climb is one of the oldest motorsports events in the UK, and has been revived in recent years with a…

Road Test: 2010 Falcon Kestrel

Ian Barry's Falcon Kestrel is a contemporary masterpiece of custom motorcycle design, and we Road Tested this beauty in…

Cannonball: Into the West

The 2014 Cannonball Crossed the Continental Divide

Japanese Motorcycles: the Early Days

The first motorcycle arrived in Japan in 1896; they built their own from 1908.

Absolute Speed, Absolute Power Pt. 2

Motorcycle Land Speed Records from 1930 - 1940

Top 10: Most Expensive Motorcycles

What are the most expensive motorcycles ever sold? Check out our list!

The Evolution of ‘Super Kim’

the machine is the holder of the South American speed record from 1930

Absolute Speed, Absolute Power Pt. 1

Motorcycle Land Speed Records, 1896 – 1930

Stanley Woods and ‘Patricia’

A Beloved New Imperial V-twin as Superstar Transport for TT star Stanley Woods

The Emperor of Motorcycles

The most elegant motorcycles in the world came from George Brough's workshops in Nottingham. He loved four-cylinder…

Art and the Motorcycle

The Art of the Motorcycle exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in 1998 changed motorcycling forever.  It was a brave and…



The Team Get to…

Book Review: Garden Gate Manx

The Vintagent's Book of the Year for 2015; 'The Book About My Bike', published by Niels Schoen. A fully realized 3D…

The Paris Scene

Journalist Francois-Marie Dumas discusses motorcycle events in Paris at Retromobile and the Bonhams Grand Palais sale.

Shooting the ‘Arrow’

A Remarkable OHV Indian Racer Used for Record-Breaking

Vintage Revival Monthléry 2015 (Pt 1)

The incredible Vintage Revival Montlhéry vintage auto and motorcycle racing south of Paris

Wheels&Waves 2017: The Best Yet

The Sixth Wheels&Waves was the best yet, with carefully curated exhibits, and an emphasis on go, not show

Road Test: 2012 Crocker Continuation

The continuation Crocker motorcycle Road Test; brand name owner Michael Schacht is undertaking the project and aiming…

Days of Future Past: the Mercury

Laurie Jenks designed the Motorcycle of the Future, an all-aluminum masterpiece called the 'Mercury'

The Crocker Story

The Real Story of America’s Legendary V-Twin, the Crocker motorcycle, the fastest American road motorcycle for 20 years…

2015 Vintage Revival Montlhéry, Part 1

The greatest vintage motorsports event in the world, if you don't like crowds or lines or tiered access!

Cannonballs Deep: The Beginning

The Beginning of the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Rally

Motorcycle Specials #1

Martin Squires’ Grindlay-Peerless ‘Hundred Model’

World’s Most Expensive Basket Cases

Demand for blue chip motorcycles extends even to totally dismantled and incomplete examples.

Tutorial for the ‘Car Guys’: Why Bikes?

Thoughts on collecting with Stephen Cox led to thoughts on why car collectors should switch to bikes.

Selling ‘Captain America’

It's the most famous motorcycle in the world, and it's coming up for auction: the Captain American chopper from the…

Prouvé, Ennui, and the Problem of Cash

Money is the root of all evil, so they say, but it certainly catches our attention. Is it the best way to cultivate…

3 Days in Paris: Retromobile 2012

Paris in February? Oui, as that's when the awesome Rétromobile show happens.

‘Paradise Lost’: Conrad Leach

British artist Conrad Leach explores speed, danger, and British identity in his exhibition at the Gauntlett Gallery in…

Ralph Lauren at the Louvre

A display of 17 fantastic cars owned by Ralph Lauren and on display at the Louvre's Design Museum begs questions of…

2007 Banbury Run

The Banbury run is the oldest pre-1930 motorcycle run in the world, attracting 500 machines annually, and run by the…

Legend of the Motorcycle Attire

It was an event that changed the motorcycle world; the Legend of the Motorcycle Concours d'Elegance, from 2006-2008,…

Welcome to The Vintagent!

Thoughts from 2006 on what TheVintagent is about, from its founder, Paul d'Orleans

The Infernals: Fournier and Metz

The stars aligned when pioneer motormen Charles Metz and Henri Fournier founded the American motorcycle industry in…

Actually, It IS Rocket Science

Dr Robin Tuluie built fantastically successful racers that won Daytona.  He also designed F1 cars that took four World…

Coping with COVID: the Auction Scene in 2020

How is the auction scene coping with Covid? Sam Murtaugh of Mecum Auctions gives us the story.

From Russia With Love

In the 1970s, Norton-Villiers-Triumph developed plans for a factory in the Soviet Union to build a version of their…

Selling Speed

The motorcycle industry has always 'sold speed' as a primary impulse, while presenting a respectable image. Paul…

The Early History of Indian, Part 3: The Indian Motocycle Is Born

Part 3 of Ken Aiken's re-examination of the Early History of Indian Motocycles. By 1901, Indian was in limited…

Whence Came the Swingarm Frame?

Modern motorcycle suspension was invented by an eccentric, dry-humored Englishman named Harold Willis, way back in…

The Big X and the Big 3: the Excelsior-Henderson Story

The Excelsior-Henderson brand is coming up for sale in Las Vegas this month! Why does it matter?

Freak Power: Hunter S. Thompson for Sheriff

In 1970, Hunter S. Thompson ran for Sheriff of Aspen, Colorado, on a very unusual platform of 'freak power'