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1928 Brough Superior SS80 Deluxe: An Oily-Rag Survivor (2021)

Run Time: 7:56
Producer: Baikudokan Productions, Van Loom Films
A Film By: Greg O’Keefe
Writer: Greg O’Keefe, Humphrey
Key Cast: Humphrey, 1928 Brough Superior SS80 Deluxe


The video was produced, directed and edited by Greg O’Keefe of Baikudo™ (Japanese for The Way of the Motorcycle™) Productions and shot by Joel Van Loon of Van Loon Films. Greg is a university professor and a single dad to his 8 year old daughter since losing his beloved wife to cancer in early 2020. He hopes to further his passion for producing motorcycle-orientated videos when not riding. As well as making videos, Joel is a full-time dad and jewelry designer.


A Brough Superior SS80 Deluxe – one of just 19 manufactured in 1928 – is the oily-rag star of this video. Three years in the making, the project ran into many difficulties that needed to be overcome before production could proceed to conclusion. One such “curve ball” was when the current custodian, Humphrey, experienced a major accident on the bike not long after we had started shooting in the spring of 2018! Getting the bike back on the road whilst maintaining the sacred originality proved to be a daunting task… Despite this featuring in the story, the goal of the video is to take a peek at a chapter in the life of a venerable old banger. Every Brough, that has survived thus far, has its own story and this is just one of them.


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