This has been an incredibly busy summer for The Vintagent: writing a big chunk of the BikeExif/Gestalten book ‘The Ride’, organizing the ‘Ton Up!’ exhibit for Sturgis Bike Week, and writing the ‘Ton Up!’ book for Motorbooks.  Cyril Huze stopped by the ‘Ton Up!’ Michael Lichter exhibition hall at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, and filed the following report on his mega-popular Cyril Huze Post on Aug. 6th, 2013.  It’s worth a click-back to his site, to read the comments attached, which are always an entertaining mix on CHP…

From the Cyril Huze Post, Aug 6 2013:


Robert Carter’s ‘Cafe Racers’ sign, exhibit along with the work of over 20 artists at ‘Ton Up!’ Sturgis. [Cyril Huze]
An exhibition focusing on the origins of the Cafe Racer movement is certain to draw huge crowds. Especially it is organized by internationally renowned photographer Michael Lichter. Mike’s 2013 Sturgis Buffalo Chip exhibition to celebrate motorcycles as art is called “Ton Up – Speed, Style and Cafe Racer Culture.”

Co-curators of the ‘Ton Up!’ exhibition of cafe racer history at the Michael Lichter Gallery within the Buffalo Chip, at Sturgis. [Cyril Huze]
Co-curators Michael Lichter and historian Paul d’Orléans have assembled a comprehensive display of 35 machines from 12 makes and 6 decades. Included in the show are original or modified machines by BMW, BSA, Ducati, Honda, Harley Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Norton, Rickman, Triumph, Vincent and Yamaha.

The amazing Godet-Egli-Vincent of Mars Webster. [Cyril Huze]
In addition the exhibition features never-published photography from the original café racing scene in 1960s England to the present, paintings by Triumph ‘resident artist’ Conrad Leach, images from the Ace Café Collection, vintage leather ‘Rocker’ jackets from the Lewis Leathers archive, the “One-Show” 21-helmets display of custom painted helmets, paintings by Andrea Chiaravalli and photography by Erick Runyon with other artists to be announced.

The Clock Werks modified Triumph Thunderbird Storm. [Cyril Huze]
Each year, the “Motorcycles as Art” exhibition garners tremendous media coverage from around the globe and last Sunday 4th, a record breaking of over 1000 members of the industry attended a media reception offered by Michael, Paul and their sponsors – Hot Leathers and Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping. This not-to-be missed exhibition is now open for the public to view free of charge until Saturday August 10th at the legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip.

The Harley-Davidson based ‘Sporty TT’ by Ford stylist Brad Richards. [Cyril Huze]
This year’s exhibition will get even more recognition as it will live on in the coffee-table book “Ton Up – Speed, Style and Cafe Racer Culture,” published by Motorbooks International. Michael Lichter will photograph all the motorcycles in his Sturgis studio for the book, which will also include the jackets, artwork, and photographs from the exhibit.

Cyril Huze with an exhausted Paul d’Orléans, who oversaw the installation of the exhibition [Cyril Huze]
Paul d’Orléans is writing a comprehensive history of the Café Racer movement for the book; from its deep origins in speed-modified road bikes from the ‘Teens, to the ‘classic’ period in England in the 1950s/60s, through its various resurrections in the 1970s, 80s, and especially, with the advent of Internet motorcycle blogs, TV shows, and ‘Café Racer’ magazines, the explosive popularity of the style in the 21st Century.

Willie G. Davidson loaned his #1 XLCR, and related drawings. [Cyril Huze]
Among the featured builders: Herb Harris (Harris Vincent Gallery), Yoshi Kosaka (Garage Co), Mark Mederski (National Motorcycle Museum), Gordon McCall (Quail Motorsports Gathering), plus Willie G Davidson’s #0001 1977 XLCR, and machines from Alain Bernard, Arlen Ness, Bryan Fuller, Brian Klock, Dustin Kott, Greg Hageman, Jason Michaels, Jay Hart, Jay LaRossa, Kevin Dunworth, Ray Drea (Harley-Davidson design director), Roland Sands, Skeeter Todd, Steve “Brew Dude” Garn, Steve “Carpy” Carpenter, Thor Drake, and Zach Ness. Included in the show are original or modified machines by BMW, BSA, Ducati, Honda, Harley Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Norton, Rickman, Triumph, Vincent and Yamaha.”

Champions Moto ‘Brighton’ Triumph Bonneville [Cyril Huze]
Bryan Fuller of Fuller Motors, who is branching out to motorcycle customization after years in the hot rod scene. [Cyril Huze]