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21 Days Under The Sky (2016)

Run Time: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Producer: Ryan Stiles
Director: Michael Schmidt
WRITER: Kate O’Connor
Producer: Steven Johnson
Producer: Matt Davis
Producer: Dean Micetich
Key Cast: Tom Fugle
Key Cast: Gentry Dayton
Key Cast: Ryan Grossman
Key Cast: Troy Critchlow
Key Cast: Josh Kurpius
Key Cast: Robert Patrick


Beautifully directed and filmed through the lens of famed motorcycle lifestyle photographer, Michael Schmidt, and written by poet and journalist Kate O’Connor Morris, this widescreen cinematic experience is the first of its kind, and is recognized as the seminal “chopper” film of this generation. Narrated by actor Robert Patrick, he delivers the deep ominous voice of the bikers internal thought, the words we wish we could attain to describe our feelings for what it’s like to be on an old chopper; racing through deserts and forest roads, salt flats, and two lane blacktops, camping on rain-soaked grounds, and emerging grease-stained from underneath your broken-down bike on the side of a road. 21 DAYS UNDER THE SKY is the one time the words EPIC and ADVENTURE can actually be used without the normal trappings of how these terms are tossed about in social media.


21 DAYS UNDER THE SKY is an unconventional true story about those men who won’t conform. Four guys meet in San Francisco to start a 3,800 mile ride down the Lincoln Highway – the oldest coast to coast route connecting the east to the west. They are riding vintage “choppers”; bikes prone to break down or run out of gas. Through the highs and lows of a long journey, this story examines the timeless American love affair with the motorcycle and an even greater American tradition: the road trip.

It’s not a biker movie about crime, drugs, and women, though these are obvious byproducts of a life lived full. This is a side of motorcycle living that isn’t often told. Their journey becomes less about getting anywhere and more about going back to where things started; about the vast heavenly landscapes, the proud people they encounter, and the small towns they rest in. It is a contemporary look at the American Dream, and the fearless few that have the guts to go without a plan. A reminder of what real adventure feels like.


The film is available for purchase on DVD and download, on the website.



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