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Why I Ride – Episode 1: Passion At Work  (2013)

Run Time: 4:15

Talent: Matthew Work
Director:  Trevor Gavin
Director of Photography: Nathan Henry
Producer: Laura Techera
Lighting: Dan Juenemann
Sound Op: Kenny Butler
Production Assistant: Duncan Fairley
Photographer: Adrian van de Water
Editor: Trevor Gavin
Sound Design & Mix: Defacto Sound
Original Music: The Sam Chase


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“The first time I felt that tire hook up on asphalt … whoa.”

A short, inspirational documentary that seeks to encompass the spirit of motorcycle riding.

Matthew Work: Matt’s love for motorcycles began while putting around in cornfields as a kid. Years later, while running a variety of tech start-ups (that he founded and eventually sold) through the 90s, he’d still find his mind drifting back to his ever-growing collection of bikes.

“I found myself between jobs and was just gonna find another software job and do my passion project later. Then I told myself, ‘Screw later, let’s do this now!'”

With that, Matt opened Piston & Chain, a motorcycle club in San Francisco. It was his goal to bring back a sense of community and establish a real place for fellow enthusiasts to talk about and work on all types of bikes. Members are given access to club facilities and weekly events and classes. Piston & Chain is open to the public throughout the week. If you’re in San Francisco, go have a look for yourself!


Piston & Chain

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