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TOM FUGLE (2014)

Run Time: 8:00
DIRECTOR: Scott Pommier
PRODUCER: Andrew Norton


Scott Pommier is a writer, director and photographer based in Portland and Los Angeles.  His early work focused on an under 30 subculture of skateboarding motorcyclists. Some of these photographs have since become iconic in the custom culture scene. In his film work, Scott takes an understated and natural approach to portraiture that seems to fit his choice of subjects perfectly.


Longtime bike-builder Tom Fugle is one of the founders of the El Forastero outlaw motorcycle club, which was established in 1962 and who’s members included the artist Dave Mann.

Tom’s builds are unique and beautiful, and in this short film by Scott Pommier (updated with an added epilogue), we follow the artist as he completes a chopper for the Born Free 6 motorcycle show.

Tom’s work has been featured at shows including Born Free, The Brooklyn Invitational, and Mooneyes Japan. He was also a central character in the film ‘21 Days Under The Sky‘. Tom passed away in 2016, and Pommier reminds us that it was only “after years of toiling in relative obscurity and near poverty Tom’s work is at last getting some recognition.”


Scott Pommier
Born Free

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