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Run Time: 4:31
A film By: Cam Elkins & Erik Jutras
Photography & Interview: Ryan Handt
Cast: The Illestrator


RIDERS is a short-form, experimental series which came about from a conversation between Cam Elkins from Stories of Bike (based in Sydney, Australia) and Erik Jutras aka Mr. Pixelhead (based in San Francisco, USA). We both really enjoyed each others’ work and came up with the idea to combine Erik’s iconic black and white photography with Stories of Bike-style story-telling.

The RIDERS series is aiming to be a little experimental. By combining a unique photographic style from a variety of photographers around the world, immersive sound design and minimalist synthesizer by Andrew Jones we hope to create a different kind of moto photo essay.


This episode follows The Illustrator, a NYC based motovloger as he builds, rides, and works to change peoples perceptions.

Read an interview with The Illestrator on NYC Motorcyclist.


Motovlog: The Illestrator

Instagram: @StoriesOfBike

Instagram: @Ryan_Handt

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