The Vintagent Original: Stories We Need to Tell.


Run Time: 4:54
A Film By: David Martinez
Edited By: Anais Bernard
Key Cast:
Paul d’orleans


For David Martinez, photography is both a calculated science and a free verse art form. The controllable variables – the light, the shutter speed, the aperture – are all simply tools to allow the authenticity of a real moment to occur. David captures the beauty and sincerity of these scenes in the pictures he makes. Always at the forefront of technology (but still with a roll of medium format film in his camera bag), David has been shooting high definition video since DSLR technology made it more available. David’ is always ready for an adventure – with his surf bag packed and camera in hand.


Silver Shotgun explores the sexy Seventies of Italian motorcycle design, when Italian motorcycles were the fastest, best-handling, and most beautiful in the world.  Silver Shotgun explores the roots of this explosion of creativity and mechanical excellence that made the decade so special.  Silver Shotgun is the third exhibition curated at the Petersen Automotive Museum by Paul d’Orléans, and produced by the Motorcycle Arts Foundation.  Silver Shotgun was also produced by Sasha Tcherevkoff and the Stuart Parr Collection.