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Run Time: 6:19
Director: John Christenson
Director Of Photography: Eric Schleicher
Editor: Joseph Mcmahon
Key Cast: Lorenzo Eroticolor


John Christenson is a photographer and director who’s exhibited his own work in both solo and group shows in the US and Europe.  He is also the founder and curator of the traveling art show Oil&Ink which brings together some of the best artists working in 2D art with a focus on the motorcycle scene.  John’s passion for motorcycles, film and art has brought him all over the world meeting and making some lifelong friends.


One of those friends is Lorenzo Eroticolor who is the artist featured in this short film titled ‘The Poster Maker’.  Lorenzo has been a part of the Oil&Ink show from the beginning and has become a great friend.  I had the idea to shoot a short film based on the life of an artist and it only seemed natural to feature Lorenzo in the first film.

The film was shot in and around Paris documenting the life and art of Lorenzo.  His life and art are completely intertwined which shows through in the posters he creates.  Lorenzo prints his work with Nicolas Draeger, a 6th generation master printer in his shop Anthese Lithographie in Paris.  The story I set out to tell in this film was to give a glimpse into Lorenzo’s life and his passion for not only the artwork he creates but also his family, friends and of course motorcycles. – John Christenson


John Christenson / Oil&Ink Expo
Lorenzo Eroticolor

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