Hello dear readers and riders! We hope you weren’t that jostled by turning your clocks forward this past Sunday. Here at The Vintagent, we truly appreciate the extra hour of daylight. We’re also pretty amped up about this week’s EV news roundup. From an electrified vintage-inspired Ford Mustang to an EV that can support people moving to the moon, here are the EV stories that grabbed our attention this week. If you see a story you think we should cover, hit us up at stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.

The OG EV Gets a Makeover

The FLEX lunar rover on test in Death Valley. [Astrolab]

Remember the Tardigrade lunar motorcycle? Well, here’s another EV aimed at the moon. Way back in 1969 when humans first landed on the moon, we relied on an electric lunar rover to navigate the uncharted terrain. This week, Cali-based startup Astrolab revealed its ‘flexible logistics and exploration’ (FLEX) lunar rover. Designed to support people inhabiting the moon and Mars, FLEX is intended to carry both passengers and cargo and open the door to next-gen planetary exploration. While previous rovers were developed to carry a specific payload, FLEX will be built around a modular payload interface that supports intermodal transportation. The vehicle features a removable deck that holds two standing passengers, a deck equipped to carry 3m³ of cargo, hazard detection sensors, and wheels developed for soft soil.

The company recently tested a full-scale prototype in the California desert near Death Valley. Former astronaut Chris Hadfield was in the driver’s seat. Despite tackling earthly terrain like a champ, Astrolab needs to get its EV moon-ready with the hopes of using it in NASA’s Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) project, which will make lunar rovers for future Artemis landings. In order to do this, FLEX needs to meet anticipated NASA requirements, including the ability to run for an eight-hour moonwalk, be able to operate for 10 years, and survive frigid lunar nights. We’d love to see thicker sidewalls so it can better absorb impacts from lunar rocks and exoplanet obstacles. And maybe adjustable solar arrays to keep it juiced.

The Classic Mustang Reimagined

The new EV Mustang conversion by Charging Cars, with 536hp. [Charging Cars]

What’s more American than apple pie? The Ford Mustang. However, British engineers at Charging Cars are reimagining American muscle with an electric, zero-emissions Ford Mustang. Inspired by the 1967 classic, the company will only have 499 of the EVs available for reservation. Developed in partnership with Arrival, the electric sportscar features a 64kWh battery that powers two motors and churns out 536 ponies and 1,061 lb.-ft. of torque. Better yet, this electric powerhouse will go from 0 to 100 in less than four seconds. Whoa.

Alpha Motor Drops Its ACE Electric Coupe Series

The Ace electric coupe range by SoCal company Alpha Motor: from standard to super sports. [Alpha Motor]
Alpha Motor, an EV manufacturer based in Irvine, California, recently dropped its new ACE electric coupe series. The new series features three distinct models, including the ACE, ACE performance edition, and the SUPER ACE. All models will be built on the company’s mechanically adjustable vehicle platform. For its new series, Alpha has partnered with AMP to outfit its vehicles with an ‘energy ecosystem.’ The system includes eCloud, charging stations, and a battery management system. The AMP ecosystem is connected to the cloud, allowing for AI-powered battery analytics. One of the most unique aspects of the AMP energy ecosystem is its super compact energy management unit, which dramatically reduces the cost of vehicle power electronics by reducing the component count and size by up to 70% of the industry average.

Honbike Releases a Driveshaft e-Bike

The Honbike eschews a chain or belt in favor of a driveshaft. [Honbike]
Japanese company Honbike recently released a futuristic folding e-Bike with a driveshaft. Ideal for urbanites, the driveshaft transmission allows for no maintenance for up to 25,000 miles. The motor packs 250W of power and tops out at 15.5mph. Best of all, the foldable design fits under just about any desk.  Bicycles with shaft drive have been around since the turn of the Century, with Pierce bicycles the best known; the same company as Pierce-Arrow cars and Pierce motorcycles, which also used shaft drive.

Big News from Super73

Super73 is going gangbusters, here with an Indian-branded version of their popular ebike. [Super 73]
Indian recently aligned with e-Bike manufacturer Super73 to release the eFTR Hooligan 1.2. The e-Bike, priced at $3,999, has moto-styled bars, inverted front forks, an LED headlight, and the distinct gold Indian Motorcycle chain. The eFTR promises top speeds of 20mph on throttle operation. The bike will reach 28mph with the pedals. This allows for non-motorcycle-license carriers to legally ride the bike. The 960Wh battery delivers 75 miles worth of range.

The new Super73 C1-X is the company’s first motorcycle. It’s small, with 15″ wheels, so is not much bigger than their current ebike range, but will offer much more performance. [Super73]
More and bigger news from Super73 is the introduction of their first proper motorcycle, the C1-X.  With 15″ wheels and a short wheelbase, the overall dimensions are similar to the standard Super73 ebike, but the C1-X has no pedals, and proper motorcycle suspension.  It will undoubtedly have real motorcycle power, as the swingarm and forks look substantial.  Framing a motorcycle with the same dimensions as their ebikes is a smart move, making a transition from pedelec to full eMoto less daunting, and the standard Super73 models the perfect gateway drug to motorcycling.  We approve!



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


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