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CHASING 200 (2021)

Run Time: 5:58

A Film By: Alexandra Lier
Director of Photography: John Orphan
Key Cast: Alp Sungurtekin, Jalika Gaskin


Alexandra Lier is a German visual artist and filmmaker. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany. At a young age she developed an interest in Hotwheels, old cars, motorcycles, comics and rock music. As teenager she was member of the all girl Punk band Twiggy Killers, that hit the German and European scene.

Alexandra received her art, film and photography degree at the Frankfurt Academy of Visual Arts. Upon graduation, Lier worked as a award winning creative. After winning more than 40 advertising awards, she pursued her interest in arts. She started to combine her interest in underground subculture and storytelling. Over the last decade, she built a substantial reputation in fine art photography & film.


Alp and Jalika, a motorcycle nerd and a supermodel decide to become a motorcycle team and set a previously impossible record with classic Triumph motorcycles and nitro power. A short documentary about love, freedom, passion, and teamwork.

Alp Racing & Design was founded by Alp Sungurtekin in 2001 in Los Angeles California. Jalika Gaskin joined Alp in 2007 and became the Crew Chief when we started racing in August 2011 at Bonneville Speedweek. Alp has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design and specializes in Transportation Design. He is currently a Southern California Timing Association and Bonneville Nationals INC. “SCTA-BNI” Motorcycle tech inspector and a member of the MILERS Racing Club.


Alexandra Lier

Alp Racing Design



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