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Run Time: 4:22
Producer: DicE Magazine
A Film by: Scott Toepfer
Key Cast: Jerry Burger,  Joey Yeaman


My path towards being a creative professional started as I abandoned my career in microbiology to pursue still photography full-time. I’ve never looked back, and have been able to travel the world with a crew that has become as close as family, shooting campaigns and commercials for some of the largest clients in advertising. I try to take a narrative approach towards almost every shoot by finding the thread that pulls the images or the films together for the viewer.  – Scott Toepfer


The word legendary is thrown around way too casually these days. From your mate Bernies legendary lasagne to that legendary night you won $78 and saw Flava Flav in Vegas (that actually happened to me).

What is truly legendary is this ‘39 Indian 4 built by Mike Fitzgerald in the 60’s which featured on the cover of the June 1969 “Choppers Magazine’“ only to go missing the next year & considered lost forever…

Lost for over 50 years until recently discovered under a dust sheet in Northern California.


Read more at DicE Magazine issue #92
Scott Toepfer



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