Hello dear readers and riders! We’re neck-deep in spring now and the EV industry is only continuing to crank out awesome vehicles and innovative technology. The one caveat to this week’s roundup is that we’ve noticed more and more stories about e-Bike battery explosions!  Follow that story! This week’s roundup includes a new EV drag racer, an electric SUV concept from Ford, Cake eBikes for younger riders, and a man who outran a Tesla. As always, send your tantalizing tales to us at stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.

New Hookie Co Dragster

Hookie goes to the drags! The makers of the Tardigrade lunar cycle are moving on to faster things. And, how did they make an Ösa do 100mph? [Hookie Co]

Dresden-based startup Hookie Co. just dropped a sick dragster that was their reinterpretation of Cake’s Ösa electric utility bike. Dubbed the ‘Silver Ant,’ this futuristic e-Motorcycle is made for drag racing. And while the idea of a silent drag race sounds strange, that’s exactly what you’ll be witnessing when the Silver Ant goes head-to-head with other bikes at the Glemseck 101 festival’s EV-only race this fall. The otherworldly motorcycle is promised to reach speeds of 100mph and has unique sprinting capabilities, including one brake and an aerodynamic rider position.

Three New Cake Bikes Aimed at Younger Riders

CAKE gets small! And appeals to riders of all ages with a new range of little bikes. [CAKE]
This week, Cake unveiled three new e-Bikes specifically designed for younger riders. As part of the Cake Kids Evolution Program, the lineup includes three new two-wheelers called Ready, Steady, and Go. The company’s goal is to build confidence in kids as they’re learning how to ride a bike by gradually building skills as they graduate from one model to the next. “Being a dad, I have been disturbingly surprised by the motorized off-road kids bikes that lately have hit the market, addressing kids from toddlers and up. With the Cake line of bikes, we want to excite young riders and stress safety. You need to learn how to walk before you run, and you need to master your balance before you start playing around with a throttle,” Cake Founder and CEO, Stefan Ytterborn, said.

Ford’s New Electric SUV Concept

The trend towards jellybean bland finds full expression in the new Ford SUV concept: when all the rules are erased, why not try interesting as a design brief? [Ford]
Ford recently revealed its new Lincoln Star electric SUV concept in preparation for adding four new EVs to its lineup by 2026. Featuring Tesla-like aesthetics, the Lincoln Star boasts panoramic windows, a Land Rover-esque silhouette, and three “rejuvenation moods” that adjust the cabin’s sound, lighting, and even smell.

 California Goes Electric

 The Golden State is giving up gas-powered vehicles. The California Air Resources Board’s new proposal would require 35% of new passenger cars sold in the state to be battery- and hydrogen-powered by 2026.

Man vs. Tesla: Man Wins

Can a man outrun a Tesla? Well, yes, based on a single charge…

Earlier this week, ultramarathoner Robbie Balenger outran a Tesla Model 3 by 100 feet. Man and machine began at the same starting point about 250 miles outside Austin. The Tesla was driven at an average speed of 65mph for the duration of a full charge, which equated to 242 miles. Balenger followed the car’s exact route on foot and beat the car’s distance by 100 feet, despite soaring temperatures.  Balenger completed the race in 76 hours, 54 minutes, meaning he literally ran for three straight days, only briefly stopping to sleep, eat, etc.  No doubt Balenger consumed considerably less energy than the Tesla, required less infrastructural support, and did not upset the balance of international power in his requirements for rare minerals!  It’s long been said that a standard bicycle is the most efficient form of transportation in terms of total energy consumption; perhaps Lance Armstrong could repeat this test and begin a discussion of lifecycle energy consumption!



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


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