Hello, dear readers and riders! While we’re stoked that gas prices are finally dropping, the electric vehicle space is continuing to ramp up. In this week’s EV news roundup, we’ll take a look at a sleek Honda e-Bike collab, an all-electric bespoke hypercar, the latest on Rivian, and how America’s greenhouse gas emissions are causing damage to other countries. Be sure to send your tips, feedback, and opinions to stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.

US Emissions Have Inflicted $2 Trillion Worth of Damage to Other Countries


America definitely loves big trucks. But according to a new analysis, the emissions that the US is continuously pumping out is having a devastating impact on other countries. In fact, America has inflicted almost $2 trillion in damages to other countries from its greenhouse gas emissions. Under-developed countries have been hit the hardest, experiencing crop failures and heatwaves. The US, along with China, Russia, India, and Brazil, are the five biggest culprits behind worldwide losses, totaling a staggering $6 trillion in damages, or about 11% of the annual global gross domestic profit (GDP).


Honda x MUJI New e-Bike Has an Impressive 40-Mile Range

The high-design/low-cost store MUJI is an international legend. Their collaboration with Honda looks fun and harkens back to Honda’s most iconic designs. [MUJI]

Japanese retail company MUJI recently teamed up with Big Red to create a sleekly minimalistic e-Bike. Called the MS01, the bike is powered by a 400W electric motor that delivers top speeds of 15.5mph and a 40-mile range. Additional features include 17-inch wheels, keyless start/stop, and an LCD instrument panel. Only 5,000 bikes are available, so if you want one, you better act fast.


Ducati Drops Fat Tire Folding e-Bikes

Using their popular Scrambler brand, Ducati returns to its bicyclish roots with their first eBike, an electric folder. [Ducati]
Ducati, typically known for its muscly sportbikes, has found another calling: pint-sized e-Bikes. The company just unveiled two new folding fat tire e-Bikes, expanding its EV portfolio. Both of the new bikes were released under the company’s Scrambler brand and use a 60Nm Bafang rear-mounted hub motor. The SCR-E GT model is outfitted with 20-inch street tires and a 500Wh battery that promises 50 miles worth of range. Ducati’s other folding e-Bike, the SCR-X, is more suitable for trails.


After Five Years of Development, the Rimac Nevera is Finally Headed to Production  

Rimac’s new hypercar has absurd horsepower and gem tone paints. Will the hypercar buyer dig it? [Rimac]

Mate Rimac’s sexy electric hypercar, the Rimac Nevera, is finally in production. The 150-unit limited run will be produced over the next three years by this Croatian startup, who have been showing their prototypes around for years. The four-motored, 120kHh vehicle is promised to crank out 1,914 ponies and 1,740 lb-ft of torque.  Nearly every major component of the bespoke model was custom build exclusively for the Nevera, including a new-gen battery system, electric motor, and control system. “The Nevera was developed with the intention to become the cutting-edge electric hypercar it is today, ready to thrill drivers and passengers in a way they have never experienced before,” Rimac stated.


Triumph Releases TE-1 e-Motorcycle Prototype Test Results

One step closer to becoming only the second major OEM to build a full-size eBike, as rivals like BMW and Ducati stick to scooters and ebicycles. Triumph is building buzz with the development of their TE1, and no doubt, it will hit the mark: affordable, great performance, stylish. Although, what’s with the ‘gas tank’? A design cue we see as retrograde, but we know…it feels familiar to the traditionalists. But is appealing to the usual buyer a good strategy with eBikes? Time will tell… [Triumph]
Triumph recently announced the official completion of its TE-1 e-Motorcycle development project and has released the test results of the new prototype. Daytona 200 Champion Brandon Paasch participated in engine performance evaluation and track testing. According to the results, the TE-1 delivers 100 miles of range, 175hp at peak power, and a 20-minute charging time.

Fresh Funds

  • Antin Infrastructure Partners recently invested in RAW Charging to support the UK startup’s $300 million EV charging installation plan.
  • Swedish battery maker Northvolt secured new funds at last year’s valuation of $12 billion, making them the 800lb gorilla of European battery makers.
  • Preparing for potential money troubles, Rivian plans to announce layoffs and cost-reduction measures later this week, and is planning to lay off 5000 workers.  It’s been a rough couple of years with supply chain issues, making deliveries impossible at the level Rivian planned.  After a big hiring spree earlier this year, they’re laying off the same folks.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.
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