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Thankfully, you can kick back and relax in the AC while checking out this week’s top EV stories, including a futuristic electrified beast of burden, a limited-edition electric mountain bike from a Polestar collab, and Lightning’s new electric adventure bike. Send your tips, questions, and feedback to stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.

Ouca Unveils a Futuristic Electric Cargo Trike

The Ouca is an interesting variant on the trike theme, which will undoubtedly become the last-mile delivery vehicle of choice in urban areas. [Ouca]

Finland-based startup Ouca Bikes just dropped an electric cargo trike that, as the adjectives on the side of the vehicle suggest, is smooth, strong, and stable. The trike is built with utility and durability in mind, ensuring a smooth ride regardless of road conditions and can tow up to 562 pounds. While Ouca has yet to release specs, we do know that the trike comes in three models, including the Ouca Kiddiebus, Transport, and Space. All three models are equipped with a powerful Revonte motor, automatic gearbox, and a reverse gear.

Polestar Partners with Allebike to Release Limited-Edition, Full-Suspension EMTB

Polestar is having strong sales in the EV market, and is branching out to the highly profitable electric mountain bike market. [Polestar]

Swedish EV maker Polestar has teamed up with Swiss high-end bike manufacturer Allebike to develop a full-suspension electric mountain bike. Called the Allebike Alpha Polestar, the limited-edition product aims for a minimalistic and lightweight design. Öhlins, another Swiss company, will handle the suspension. The e-Bike will feature a carbon-fiber frame, full suspension, and a slack head tube angle of 65 degrees. Only 100 of these hand-built bikes are available online.

Lightning to Design Electric Adventure e-Motorcycle

Lightning still builds the fastest road bike the world with their LS218: no doubt their adventure bike will have serious performance too. [Lightning]

Lightning Motorcycles could be entering the EV arena with plans for an electric adventure bike. The folks over at Motorcycle.com managed to get their hands on regulatory paperwork from China which details a bike with ADV characteristics.

Hyundai Releases Two Performance EV Concepts

Hyundai taking aim at the current crop of high-performance EVs. [Hyundai]

Automaker Hyundai unveiled two N brand performance EV concepts earlier this week. The “rolling lab” N concepts will allow the company to test and verify future technologies. The two models include the RN22e and Vision 74. The former will be built on Hyundai’s E-GMP platform and feature four-piston mono-block calipers, a 400mm hybrid disc, and reach speeds of 155mph. The Vision 74, a nod to Hyundai’s 1975 Pony Coupe, will be built on an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system and have a 373-mile range.

Northern Light’s Single-Seater Electric Trike

Northern Lights builds a badass electric cyclecar – the past revisited. [Northern Lights]

Want to replace your car with a head-turning trike that looks like a Morgan? If so, meet the new three-wheeled single-seater EV from British startup Northern Light Motors. Touted as the “future of personal transport,” the trike is available in three different models, with the pedal-powered base model featuring a 10-speed gear derailleur and hydraulic disc brakes. The premium model is outfitted with a 48V, 20Ah battery and a 1.5kW hub motor and offers 40 miles of range and top speeds of 28mph.

Job Cuts

Ford is eliminating up to 8,000 jobs in the next few weeks in an effort to fund its transition into the EV industry. The job cuts will affect the automaker’s white-collar workforce and will most likely come in phases. Arrival, a UK-based commercial EV company, is also planning to let go of 30% of its workforce in an effort to weather challenging economic times.  Rivian is also expected to cut 4,000 jobs in the near future, as supply chain issues have slowed production.

Fresh Funds

Nyobolt raised $59 million in Series B funding to develop an EV battery that can charge in five minutes.

The e-Scooter market is forecasted to grow from $21.02 billion to $36.10 billion by 2029.

Lightship, an electric RV startup founded by Tesla alumni, raised $23 million in Series A funding.

Husband Builds e-Bike-Wheelchair So His Wife Can See the Sea

Electric has always provided mobility options: the original Invacar concept has been built with electric power since the 1930s. [Kevin Harvey]

This is a sweet note to end on. Kevin Harvey of New Zealand was struggling to push his wife Bev’s wheelchair up the steep hills of New Plymouth’s Coastal Walkway. To help make his job easier, Kevin decided to weld her wheelchair to the front of his homemade e-Bike. The e-Bike-wheelchair mashup is outfitted with a seatbelt, disc brakes, and curved front forks. Now, Bev and Kev can get around town and enjoy gorgeous oceanic views together.    


Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.
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