Hello, dear readers and riders! Welcome back to our weekly EV news coverage. This week, we’ll be covering an electric convertible sportscar, GM’s road to EV profitability, technology that can charge a car in 72 seconds, and more. What EV stories resonate with you? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to reach out to us at stephanie@thevintagent.com with your tips, feedback, and questions. Let’s roll.

University of Michigan Students Build e-Superbike

The Atlas e-Bike from the UM crew. [Leo Lavigne]

University of Michigan engineering students recently built an e-Superbike that can  reach speeds of 160mph. Dubbed the ATLAS, the e-Motorcycle is set to compete in international races and is constructed from a 2001 Yamaha R1 frame.

Meet the New Electric Convertible Sports Car

Meet the new Project Thunderball, with a bit of William Lyons in the inspo mix.  Take your cues from the best, no? [Weismann]

German automaker Wiesmann recently revealed its new electrified sports car, the Project Thunderball. The two-seater convertible is the first of its kind on the market and is outfitted with twin electric rear-mid-mounted motors. Churning out 680 ponies to the rear wheels, the Project Thunderball can go from 0 to 62mph in just 2.9 seconds. The carbon-fiber frame makes the vehicle light as a feather, clocking in at just 3,747 pounds. The EV has a target range of about 310 miles due to its high-voltage battery capacity.

GM is On the Road to EV Profitability

Recently, General Motors stated that the company’s EV profit margins could equal those of its internal-combustion models by 2025. The automaker is relying on tax credits of up to $7,500 to drive more EV sales. “We expect our EV portfolio will be profitable in 2025, including projected greenhouse gas benefits and revenues from software after-sales. And this is before the benefits of the new clean- energy tax credits,” CEO Mary Barra explained at GM’s Investors Day on November 17 in New York.

Fiat’s New EV Hot Rod

Fiat Abarth EV. An electric scorpion? [FIAT]

Fiat recently unveiled its new 2023 Fiat 500 Abarth, an electric-battery hot rod that makes 173 lb-ft of torque and 155hp. Featuring a 42kWh battery pack, the compact car has about 200 miles worth of range and can go from 0 to 62mph in seven seconds.

New Technology Makes 72-Second Charging Times Possible

Swiss startup Morand recently introduced its Morand e-Technology, which promises to
recharge a car in as little as 72 seconds. The hybrid system mates chemical battery and ultracapacitor capabilities and is ideal for EVs that require semi-frequent charges of five minutes or less, including e-Bikes and city cars.

Lancia Rebrands Itself as an EV Maker

Et tu, Lancia? A conceptual sketch of Lancia’s EV, with a nod towards their 1970 Stratos HF Zero. [Lancia]

Lancia recently unveiled a new design language and logo in preparation to enter the EV sector. Inspired by the iconic Delta and Ypsilon models, the new branding initiatives will position the Italian automaker as a luxury EV brand. Its first concept, the Pu+Ra Zero, is slated to hit the market in 2024. “Born from the crasis of the words ‘Pure’ and ‘Radical,’ Lancia Pu+Ra Design is the name of (Lancia’s) new and sustainable design language, which inspired the future style of Lancia cars, and that will be unique and destined to last,” Lancia explained.

Archer Releases New Production eVTOL

Large-scale electric planes are very much cutting edge, and we’ll see how they fly… [Archer]

Archer Aviation recently unveiled its new four-seater electric aircraft, Midnight. The eVTOL can reach speeds of up to 150mph and fly as far as 60 miles. The company wants to certify the eVTOL with the Federal Aviation Administration in 2024.



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