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Run Time: 12:24
A Film By: Hoxton Moto
Key Cast: Dave Schofield, Ichiban Moto


A lighthearted spoof of the iconic 70’s film ‘On Any Sunday’. Mainly filmed at the Malle Mile. Narrated by Ichiban Moto. ‘On Any Other Sunday’, is very loosely based on the legendary Mert Lawwill sequences from the original film.


Hot shot and motorcycle racer Dave Schofield (Mert) is last year’s racing champion. To hold on to the championship he has entered the Sprint, Hill Climb and 500 events at the Malle Mile inappropriate motorcycle festival.

Dave is totally committed to his racing ambition. He spends at least ten minutes in his workshop preparing his highly tuned Honda Cub and Suzuki GS400 for racing. Dave and his dad, spend hours on the road, driving across the country to find the event. Within the busy weekends racing schedule, Dave always finds time to spend cherished moments with his eight fans, signing autographs and posing for selfies of himself.

As the racing action unfolds, sadly – due to alcohol poisoning and a recurring fungal infection – Dave’s not on form and cannot get the points needed to retain his championship title – this leaves four other contenders in a shoot-out for glory.

The film also features riders; Jon Gaymer, Danners, Arri Cooper, Obed Cooper and Carl Simpson. Other mentioned are: Clive Hillman, Jon Betts, Moto Mandi, David Irons, Pete Stanfield, Mike Federer, Trevor Schofield, Saffron Davies Deen, Ben Eddings, Alex Elbrow and Jamie Skinner.

Thanks to Robert, Jonny and the Malle Crew, all the inappropriate racers at the Malle Mile Event and Professor Christopher Staecker. Special thank you to Tim Schofield aka Dave’s dad. And to Dave for letting us take the mickey out of him.






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