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Run Time: 18:27
A Film By: Minnie Freudenthal & Manual Rosario
Narration: Minnie Freudenthal
Key Cast: The Racers Of Bonneville


Salt Fever was screened on September 26, 2015, at the Motorcycle Film Festival, in Brooklyn and in June 2016, it was chosen to open the Lisbon Motorcycle Film Fest at Cinema São Jorge, in Lisbon.

When we are editing a film we end up looking at it and revisiting it without counting, always on a small screen.
We know the smallest details not only two clips and also the multiple layers of the sound trail. With each visualization we always find something to improve… More to see the film that we made on a cinema screen, in a dark room, surrounded by dozens of people, feeling them react and finally hearing the applause is a very strong and unique experience that I confess I never expected to live… – Manual Rosario


Our curiosities brought us to the BUB Motorcycle Speed ​​Trials and what we saw was terrifying…

Documentary about the 2013 BUB at Bonneville Salt Flats by Manuel Rosario and Minnie Freudenthal. This documentary is about the people that come to this event, the sharing of creative solutions, women’s participation and the general warm feeling at the BUB.

The finish line was not the starting point. Therefore, the result was so surprising.
When I asked myself: “how are we going to see the specks in Bonneville? I am certain that my eyes will show fright.
I walk around in the environment, feeling dizzy in my body with the illusion that it’s snowing, it makes me insecure about being able to film the specks and talk with people about a matter I know little about. I’ve been riding moped for more than 40 years, but I don’t know anything about engines, brands or even to recognize that it was modified for better performance. For that, I could count on my husband! The map that they give us when we buy the entrance tickets does not let us imagine that the environment is open, cordial and close. Let’s go back to beautiful images and conversations with people from many places and professions. For 1 year, we ride with that material. At the finish line, it wasn’t all our dreams and that’s why we were so surprised! – Minnie Freudenthal





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