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Run Time: 1:26:00
Producer: Fanfare Films, American International Pictures (AIP)
Director: Bruce Kessler
Writer: Jerome Wish (credited Jerry Wish)
Key Cast: Tom Stern, Ted Markland, Jack Starrett


Angels From Hell was the first film produced by Joe Solomon’s Fanfare Films, a firm Solomon created with the profits from three previous biker films (including Hells Angels On Wheels). Solomon went on to produce B Films, including several more Biker Flicks . Run, Angel, Run! (1969), Wild Wheels (1969), The Losers (1970). He was an Executive Producer on Evel Knievel (1971), and an uncredited Executive Producer on Werewolves On Wheels (1971).

The film was shot in Bakersfield, California. The screenplay was written by Jerome Wish, and the film used music by The Peanut Butter Conspiracy and The Lollipop Shoppe. Sonny Barger, president of the Oakland, California chapter of the Hells Angels, is credited as story consultant. The opening titles and the set murals in the biker hangout were done by famous automotive artist and pinstriper Von Dutch.


‘He’s a cycle psycho!’

A destructive ex-motorcycle gang leader comes home from Vietnam to resume his life. His desire to form a powerful gang has the police running scared. But, will he succeed…

A former motorcycle club leader, Mike (Tom Stern), returns home from Vietnam to resume his life, and reunite with his former motorcycle club. Finding they have left their former Riverside, California home base, Mike meets them in Bakersfield, California, now riding under the leadership of a new president, Big George. Working with his former gang, Mike takes over the club from George, and moves into their biker farmhouse, owned by Ginger (Arlene Martell). Running up against opposition from Sheriff Bingham (Jack Starrett), who had an arrangement with George to “keep the peace,” Mike sets out to use all his gathered experience as a hero from the war, and tries to unite all the existing motorcycle clubs in California, and put together a brand new, “super outlaw” club. Skirmishes with the sheriff’s department deputies break out, and the conflicts culminate when Speed (Stephen Oliver), one of Mike’s gang members, is stopped on fake possession charges, and murdered when he tries to escape. The trouble intensifies when an all-out cop against biker war breaks out.


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