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Run Time: 19:01
Producer: Archive Moto
A Film By: Chris Price
Music: Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen, Johannes Bornlof, Lo Mimieux,


A three part documentary series looking at the history board track racing, one of America’s most infamous and sensational sports.

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Archive Moto presents GRIT, Part 3 of a three part documentary series looking at the history of one of America’s most infamous and sensation sports, motorcycle Board Track Racing .

Rise of the Murderdrome!

Within a decade of their American introduction, motorcycles had matured at a frenzied pace, quickly evolving from brittle, finicky gadgets to bruiting, highly specialized machines. A new American industry exploded, public enthusiasm was brimming over, and the world applauded at the rise of an invigorating new sport. By 1912 the American motordrome stadiums offered attendees a new level of exhilaration, anticipation, and thrilling danger.

This was the Golden Age of motorcycle racing. Motorcycles filled the city streets and county roads as fans packed into Prince’s fabulous motordromes by the thousands.

Young and old alike filled the grandstands to witness the electrifying jolt of the night races as men sped around at 90 miles per hour under the glow of arc lights.

1912 marked motorcycling’s crowded hour in America, But just as fast as it had taken hold, the sport began to prove the grim reality of its foundations. The technology had outpaced the precautions, and board track racing quickly became a blood sport too gruesome for an urbane, civil society. These were the days of America’s infamous Murderdromes!

Enjoy Part 3 , Innocence Lost of GRIT, the third and final chapter.



Watch GRIT Part 1

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