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Run Time: 1:21:00
Producer: Colby Productions
Director: Ken Osborne (as Kent Osborne)
Writer: Ken Osborne, Ralph Luce
Key Cast: Don Epperson, Robert Dix, Casey Kasem


“Wild Bike Riders vs Dune Buggy Boys!”

Kent Osborne aka Ken Osborne is a film director and occasional actor. His earliest directorial work was Raw Love which was released in 1965. It featured Suzanne Anderson and Mike Perry. The films that followed were exploitation types. His films include Wild Wheels (1969) which he wrote and directed, Cain’s Cutthroats (1971), The Ballad of Billie Blue (1972), Women Unchained (1974) and Hollywood Confidential (2008).

Will Wheels (1969) starred Don Epperson, Robert Dix, Casey Kasem, Terry Stafford, and Dovie Beams who would later find notoriety for her affair with President Ferdinand Marcos. During filming, Osborne was shooting a segment with a foreground and background scene. He told the men in the background that he wanted some fighting but he forgot to tell them it was only supposed to be faked. Some of it got carried away and Osborne was yelling at them to stop it and repeatedly to cut


“They Wreck Each Other’s Wheels and Steal Each Other’s Girls!!”

A group of surfers use dune buggies to protect their beach from a gang of invading bikers.

A group of dune-buggy-riding beach bums fend off an arriving gang of motorcycle lunkheads called the Roadrunners. The beach dudes soon feel the full force of the bikers: hero Reb Smith (Don Epperson) loses his girlfriend to ‘Knife’ (Casey Kasem), the leader of the Roadrunners, the bikers loot a local liquor store, and finally they beat and molest an innocent young girl. That’s when the buggy club decides to take revenge – and a night of no-holds-barred violence lies ahead. – Nostalgia Central


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