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Run Time: 7:29
A Film By: Allan Tannenbaum
Key Cast: Frizzy Mary, Dan Cleland


I started photographing in the 1960’s, got my B.A. in Art at Rutgers University in 1967, studied film making in graduate school at San Francisco State, and taught photography back at Rutgers University. My first break came in 1973 when the SoHo Weekly News started up. When it folded in 1982, I started working as an international photojournalist and am now with Polaris Images. I also work as a contributing photographer with the Tribeca Trib. So I’m keeping busy with various magazines, design firms, and advertising agencies, photographing news, features, and portraits. – Allan Tannenbaum

You may not know the name, but you would recognize Allan’s photographs. He’s also been a part of the motorcycle community since the 1960’s. Read about Allan HERE. Watch the short film ‘Back To The Present: Allan Tannenbaum‘ in the Film Archive.


No Satisfaction is a story about personal frustration at the height of the San Francisco Scene in the 1960s. It’s the first independent film I did in 1967 as a filmmaking graduate student at San Francisco State.


Allan Tannenbaum website


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