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Run Time: 12:30
Producer: Bristow Films
A Film By: Charlie Bristow
Key Cast:


Film maker Charlie Bristow joined the Malle team for The Great Malle Mountain Rally, to document the longest motorcycle Rally ever attempted across the entire Alps mountain range, from East to West and North to South. His short film tells the story of the annual ‘Mountain Rally’, which starts in Austria, 2000km through 6 Alpine countries in 6 days, across every highest and greatest mountain pass in each Alpine region and then completes at sea-level in Monaco. He documented the event from 3 wheels, strapped into a Malle Rally Spec. Morgan Super 3, meaning he could get closer, lower and amongst the Rally teams as they all crossed the Alps.


100 motorcycles, 2000 km, 6 countries in 6 days, Austria to Monaco. Riding across every highest road and highest mountain pass in each Alpine territory. With a long distance endurance Rally adventure, you need to push your limits and push your boundaries, but you come back a better person.

Each year the Mountain Rally attracts custom, classic and rare motorcycles/riders from around the world, who throw themselves into the Mountain Rally challenge. This year saw highly custom Harley-Davidson Pan America and other new and old classic Harleys, custom Royal Enfield 650’s, Norton Commandos, custom 1980’s Dakar BMW’s and many stock Triumph Scramblers, BMW R9T’s etc. Each road rally stage is approximately 300-350km per day, with 5 Rally checkpoints in each stage and Marshalls timing. Being a road rally, speed limits must not be broken, The Malle Marshall team know the precise timings and for each minute early or late the rally teams lose a point, meaning a winning team at the end of each stage and an overall winning team.
350km a day on a custom motorcycle may seem straight forward. But throw in the highest roads in the highest mountains in Europe into the mix. With unpredictable mountain weather, where skies can turn black in minutes and warm valleys soon turn from 37C to 5C at the highest passes of 2770m. The Mountain Rally soon becomes an endurance adventure, where the teams main focus is to complete the stage, look after their team mates (some of which only met for the first time at the start-line in Austria) and enjoy the greatest motorcycle riding in Europe, arguably, in the world.


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