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Run Time: 20:35
Producer: motos e filmes produções & La Mala Suerte ediciones.
Director: Pedro Bruno Rodrigues
Writer: Marina Cianferoni
Key Cast: Marina Cianferoni, Frida (BMW R75/7)


Pedro Bruno Rodrigues (Lisbon, Portugal), is a filmmaker finding untold stories
and recording them into documentary films. Marina Cianferoni (Florence, Italy. She lives in Spain), writer AND rider (and since 2020, an editor) likes to think that for her, the motorcycle has always been a medium with which she has mostly thought, observing life as if through the eye of a camera-car…


Marina Cianferoni, motorcyclist, journalist and film enthusiast, realized that riding her
motorcycle could represent a different point of view on life and art. In this documentary, she
reveals how her old BMW and her book about motorcycles and movies set her on a different
“road” full of encounters and different experiences, that led her to create with her partner a small editorial press that publishes only books about motorcycles: La Mala Suerte Ediciones.

This film happened because of the passion of two people for the connection between
motorcycles and films. They met by chance while searching for a common ground, Pedro and
Marina join forces to produce a film with the intention to explain how a motorcycle could be
the perfect vehicle for understanding and translating the world of Art and even to realize the
most impossible dreams. Good books and old movies with a motorcycle passing through has often been the perfect representation of the 20th Century, with its mad curiosity for the progress; witnesses of the Past, Present and Future from a dynamic perspective. For Pedro it was a new subject but for Marina it was a lifetime project since everything she saw whilst riding her old bike
was..cinema. The film starts celebrating the importance of a family for sharing arts or passions with, and a passionate way to see life. It shows how an art film made such an impact on Marina’s life
and how she found people as crazy as her about this simple connection, motorcycles &
movies; people who gradually take her to a new life and a new job: an editorial press specialized in books about motorcycles. And finally, the film reveals how only true motorcyclists could deeply feel even the psychological aspects of riding a motorcycle with style and technique, and be truly faithful in writing it down or recording into frames. From this starting point there is still a lot to be done.


motos e filmes website

La mala Suerte

Watch Impatience (1928)



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