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“The New Film” (coming soon with your support)

Run Time: ?:??
Director, Producer, Editor: Daniel Rintz


Daniel believes that first-hand experiences with foreign cultures and beliefs will contribute to our world becoming more understanding, tolerant and peaceful. Daniel is a film-maker, media-designer and world-traveler. His passion and professional life revolve around conveying visually compelling stories.


“NEW FILM”! – But Open Explorers needs your help!

Josephine and Daniel have just returned after another three years on the road traveling the Americas and Africa! This journey concludes Daniel’s attempt to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle – only making money for the trip along the way!

By contributing to the post-production of our new adventure film you will be helping to bring our story of truth and discovery to the world.

We believe that this film can help restore some faith in humanity. Along with Josephine and Daniel’s travels this documentary will offer on-the-ground insight of some of the latest world affairs – such as the European refugee crisis. We hope to repair a few country’s reputations as well as correct some misconceptions about various hot-spots we travelled through.

But above all, we would like to make a movie that will be fun for everyone to watch. We invite you to travel with us for an hour and a half to be entertained and maybe even inspired to venture out yourself.

– Daniel & Josephine


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