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Run Time: 1:29:00

Directors: Damon Ristau, Eric W. Ristau
Writers: Damon Ristau, Eric W. Ristau
Key Cast: David Ackroyd, John Ansotegui, Gregory T. Collett


The Ristau brothers say they have always liked bikes, bars, travel, the desert, Wild Turkey, and sleeping on the ground. They decided to write a script about as many of the things that we love as possible and jam them into one movie. That way, if the film completely failed, they would have had a great time making it. We think they succeeded.

motorcycle films inherently speak of adventure, stepping outside the norm, and maybe taking a different perspective on life – all things that relate to actually riding a motorcycle as well. In my experience, motorcyclists have characteristics that most people equate to long-held, traditional American ideals– independence, individualism, self-reliance, bravery in the face of danger, and an adventurous spirit. While these characteristics may be less and less common in the wider modern world, they remain extremely common (perhaps even necessary) traits in a motorcyclist. Films about these people, and their ways of life is about the best topic for a movie that I can imagine.


An existential ride into the heart of the culture of drink.

A whiskey-fueled writing assignment takes one man on an epic motorcycle road trip through the bars and taverns across the American West. Riding a 1960 BMW R60/2, the journey leads Sanders from the red rock deserts of Arizona and Utah north to the mountains of Montana. With help of fellow traveler and sage, Northway and a variety of other colorful characters along the way, Sanders gets learns the way of the road and the zen of the bar.


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